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Microsoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

If any needed to hit E3 in a big way this year its Microsoft. With Sony running away with the console war this generation it was Microsofts chance to finally show off Project Scorpio and convince people that the Xbox platform is worth investing in over PlayStation. Microsoft help a press conference lasting just over 100 minutes where they showed no less than 42 games as well as their showstopper, Project Scorpio. Below I will outline their biggest announcements as well as my review of their whole conference with a… Read more Microsoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

Video Games – Which console should you buy?

2017 has already been a fantastic year for video games and with E3 just around the corner things are just going to get better and better. For those looking to get into this hardware generation or for those looking to expand their current gaming set up there are great options from each of the three main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Each company is offering excellent hardware but the question is which should you invest in? At this point in the generation, Sony and their PlayStation 4 is the best… Read more Video Games – Which console should you buy?