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Nintendo – E3 Spotlight Review 2017

Nintendo rounded off the conferences at E3 with their 25 minute, pre recorded Spotlight. Every company presenting at E3 has a point to prove but heading into E3 Nintendo had a lot of weight on their shoulders. The Switch has got off to a fantastic start, exceeding the expectations in terms of sales and reception. With The Legend of Zelda: Breat of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pushing the Switch to its current highs it was down to Nintendo to showcase what’s next for their latest platform. Below… Read more Nintendo – E3 Spotlight Review 2017

Video Games – Which console should you buy?

2017 has already been a fantastic year for video games and with E3 just around the corner things are just going to get better and better. For those looking to get into this hardware generation or for those looking to expand their current gaming set up there are great options from each of the three main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Each company is offering excellent hardware but the question is which should you invest in? At this point in the generation, Sony and their PlayStation 4 is the best… Read more Video Games – Which console should you buy?

Countdown to Switch

Last summer I wrote about how the Nintendo ‘NX’ could be the revolutionary console that Nintendo desperately needed to get back in the game. Fast forward 8 months and we are only 2 weeks away from Nintendos next major console release, the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is the realisation of many of those rumors we had floating around last year. It is a home console/handheld hybrid focused on allowing players to take their games, no matter what they are, where ever they want. It’s also the new direction that Nintendo… Read more Countdown to Switch

Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth

The Nintendo NX is arguably one of the most anticipated console releases for a while. Not because we know that it will be incredible but because we know for it to succeed it has to be revolutionary.Nintendo is in a period of transition. Their last home console outright failed and got squashed by the XBox One and PlayStation 4 and even though their handheld, console the 3DS, is undoubtably the king of that market it now has major competition from the mobile market. They know that they have to approach… Read more Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth