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The MCU Phase 4 problem

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War is the first part of an Avengers story line that will culminate May 2019 with the, as of yet, untitled Avengers 4. This two part saga will see the conclusion of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the culmination of an 11 year project set in motion with 2008’s Iron Man. By the end of Avengers 4 Marvel will have released 22 movies woven together across various story arcs to form what we know as the MCU. Throughout these films the we have slowly… Read more The MCU Phase 4 problem

Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years in the making

With the release of Infinity War Marvel has arrived at a destination 10 years in the making and stuck the landing of one of the most ambitious projects in cinematic history. From the debut of Iron Man in 2008 that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the landmark culmination of Phase 1 in Avengers Assemble, Marvel has been steadily crafting an web of stories and characters that has spanned 19 movies and changed the face of cinema in the process. When Samual L. Jackson’s Nick Fury showed up in the… Read more Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years in the making