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PlayStation TV Shows

With the recent success of God of War, both critically and commercially, Sony seems to have once again added a ‘must have’ exclusive to their first party line up of games on the PlayStation 4. What is arguably more impressive however is how the latest instalment in the long running franchise is not only being applauded for great game play but also its moving story and impactful character development. Santa Monica Studios, the team behind the God of War series since the PlayStation 2, has consistently delivered on fun action… Read more PlayStation TV Shows

Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years in the making

With the release of Infinity War Marvel has arrived at a destination 10 years in the making and stuck the landing of one of the most ambitious projects in cinematic history. From the debut of Iron Man in 2008 that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the landmark culmination of Phase 1 in Avengers Assemble, Marvel has been steadily crafting an web of stories and characters that has spanned 19 movies and changed the face of cinema in the process. When Samual L. Jackson’s Nick Fury showed up in the… Read more Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years in the making

Should you trust review scores?

In the fast paced world we now live in, review scores give us an immediate indication if a film or video game is good. Whether it be a score out of 10, a star rating or a lettering grade, these scores can dictate the content we consume and sometime eradicate any interest we previously had in a product. How often have you seen a trailer for a film, kept track of it with the intention of going to the cinema to see it, only to see critics review scores and… Read more Should you trust review scores?

Nintendo – E3 Spotlight Review 2017

Nintendo rounded off the conferences at E3 with their 25 minute, pre recorded Spotlight. Every company presenting at E3 has a point to prove but heading into E3 Nintendo had a lot of weight on their shoulders. The Switch has got off to a fantastic start, exceeding the expectations in terms of sales and reception. With The Legend of Zelda: Breat of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pushing the Switch to its current highs it was down to Nintendo to showcase what’s next for their latest platform. Below… Read more Nintendo – E3 Spotlight Review 2017

Sony – E3 Conference Review 2017

Sony headed in to E3 2017 having dominated the previous 2 years. With many of their previously announced games still not released the question for them this year was could they once again still the show from their competitors. With their conference lasting just over 60 minutes Sony had once of the shorter shows at E3 but did they provide ‘the year of dreams 3’?? Below I will outline all of Sony’s biggest announcements and review their whole conference with a score out of 10. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The… Read more Sony – E3 Conference Review 2017

Ubisoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

Ubisoft’s E3 conferences of the past few years have gained the reputation of being cheesy and dragging in certain areas. With a couple of high profile games to show off as well as rumours due to certain leaks they showed up to E3 with a point to prove. The question is did they manage to make an impact at the biggest gaming event of the year when they presented their conference lasting just over 70 minutes. Below I will outline all of Ubisoft’s biggest announcements as well as giving a… Read more Ubisoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

Bethesda – E3 Conference Review 2017

Stepping up to the E3 stage Bethesda delivered a number of announcements outlining games they have coming out for the rest of 2017 in a conference that lasted just short of 40 minutes. Below I will be going through a few of Bethesda’s announcements as well as my review for their conference as a whole with a score out of 10. Bethesda VR To kick off the games at their show Bethesda revealed trailers for both Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR. As well as the trailers the outlined how… Read more Bethesda – E3 Conference Review 2017

Microsoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

If any needed to hit E3 in a big way this year its Microsoft. With Sony running away with the console war this generation it was Microsofts chance to finally show off Project Scorpio and convince people that the Xbox platform is worth investing in over PlayStation. Microsoft help a press conference lasting just over 100 minutes where they showed no less than 42 games as well as their showstopper, Project Scorpio. Below I will outline their biggest announcements as well as my review of their whole conference with a… Read more Microsoft – E3 Conference Review 2017

EA Play – E3 Conference Review 2017

EA kicked of E3 this year with their EA Play event where they showed of 8 titles across a conference lasting around 80 minutes. With a number of announcements to show that most people would expect the question would be could they still bring the house down. Below I will give my impressions of the games they showed as well as my thoughts of the show as a whole with a score out of 10 Madden 18 EA kicked off their show with the trailer for Madden 18’s newest mode,… Read more EA Play – E3 Conference Review 2017

Video Games – Which console should you buy?

2017 has already been a fantastic year for video games and with E3 just around the corner things are just going to get better and better. For those looking to get into this hardware generation or for those looking to expand their current gaming set up there are great options from each of the three main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Each company is offering excellent hardware but the question is which should you invest in? At this point in the generation, Sony and their PlayStation 4 is the best… Read more Video Games – Which console should you buy?

Countdown to Switch

Last summer I wrote about how the Nintendo ‘NX’ could be the revolutionary console that Nintendo desperately needed to get back in the game. Fast forward 8 months and we are only 2 weeks away from Nintendos next major console release, the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is the realisation of many of those rumors we had floating around last year. It is a home console/handheld hybrid focused on allowing players to take their games, no matter what they are, where ever they want. It’s also the new direction that Nintendo… Read more Countdown to Switch

Pokemon GO-ing Forward

Pokemon Go has been a global phenominan that has surpassed the expectations of everyone. Everyone from longtime fans of the series to complete newcomers seem excited to be playing it. Only today I was stood waiting for someone to finsish paying for something and while looking at my phone a man that must have been in his 70’s said ‘you won’t catch anything here’. It has transended the typical gaming genre and has infiltrated pop culture unlike anything we have seen in years. But for Niantic, The Pokemon Company and… Read more Pokemon GO-ing Forward

Second half of 2016 – My most anticipated films

2016 so far has seen the release of some truely great and monumental films. We have had Oscar contenders in The Revenant and Creed. Epic super hero films from the break out Deadpool to the grand scale of Captian America Civil War and the opinion dividing Batman Vs Superman. Visual masterpieces such as The Jungle Book and many other great films. With the first half of the year now behind us along with an impressive list of films we now looks forward to what the next 6 months have in… Read more Second half of 2016 – My most anticipated films

Marvel Video Games – Daredevil 

With the announcement of Marvels partnership with Insomniac games to create a PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man it signifies the start of the new era of “epic” games Marvel’s VP of games Jay Ong has spoken about. With Marvel now looking to work with top quality studios to produce true AAA gaming experiences one of the key factors will be choosing the right characters to base these games on. Insomniacs first trailer for Spider-Man PS4 (working title) seems to indicate that Marvel have made a truely excellent choice and we may… Read more Marvel Video Games – Daredevil 

Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth

The Nintendo NX is arguably one of the most anticipated console releases for a while. Not because we know that it will be incredible but because we know for it to succeed it has to be revolutionary.Nintendo is in a period of transition. Their last home console outright failed and got squashed by the XBox One and PlayStation 4 and even though their handheld, console the 3DS, is undoubtably the king of that market it now has major competition from the mobile market. They know that they have to approach… Read more Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth

Power Rangers Movie: why I’m optimistic 

Every child has that one TV show that defines their childhood. For me it was Power Rangers. Being born in 1991 I was the perfect age to have Power Rangers impact me and seem like the coolest thing in the world. Yes there were other shows that I loved watching. Superhero animated series such as Spider-Man, X Men and Batman were all huge favourites of mine and have arguably influenced my tastes in film and TV more as an adult but they weren’t Power Rangers. Power Rangers managed to hit… Read more Power Rangers Movie: why I’m optimistic