E3 2018

E3 week is fast approaching where we are set to get the biggest announcements from all of the major publishers.

From the 9th of June to the 12th we will see 7 presentations along with countless interviews and gameplay demos during the coming week.

All the biggest announcements will be outlined here but for now check out the presentation schedule and my E3 predictions below.

E3 Schedule

Click above to find out when each of the publishers will be presenting their E3 conference.

E3 Predictions

E3 is all about the hype so above you will find my 5 predictions of each of the publisher conferences

Pre E3 2018

My 5 most anticipated games of E3

The 5 games I hope to see at E3

Which publisher will win E3 2018?

E3 Publisher Conferences

E3 2018 is here! Click above to see a link to each of the publisher conferences which will be updated with all the information as we get it.


The Best 5 Games of E3 2018

E3 gave us plenty of great games but here at the 5 I think looked the best.

Be sure to head to my Twitter @NoggsBloggs for live updates on the conferences and check back here throughout E3 week for all the latest and greatest announcements