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Marvel Video Games РDaredevil 

With the announcement of Marvels partnership with Insomniac games to create a PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man it signifies the start of the new era of “epic” games Marvel’s VP of games Jay Ong has spoken about. With Marvel now looking to work with top quality studios to produce true AAA gaming experiences one of the key factors will be choosing the right characters to base these games on. Insomniacs first trailer for Spider-Man PS4 (working title) seems to indicate that Marvel have made a truely excellent choice and we may… Read more Marvel Video Games – Daredevil¬†

Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth

The Nintendo NX is arguably one of the most anticipated console releases for a while. Not because we know that it will be incredible but because we know for it to succeed it has to be revolutionary.Nintendo is in a period of transition. Their last home console outright failed and got squashed by the XBox One and PlayStation 4 and even though their handheld, console the 3DS, is undoubtably the king of that market it now has major competition from the mobile market. They know that they have to approach… Read more Nintendo NX: Handheld console killer OR glorious rebirth