Harry Potter HBO Series?

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter stated that a live-action Harry Potter series was in development at HBO Max. This likely won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. As companies like HBO (who are owned by Warner Media) scale up their streaming services, they are going to look to their biggest properties to help bolster their content offering.

It is worth noting that THR did elaborate that no deals have been officially struck, however if the conversations are happening, you would assume it is only a matter of time before we see the wizarding world hit HBO Max.

Beyond the eight Harry Potter films that released between 2001 and 2011, Warner Bros. also developed and released two Fantastic Beast films with more scheduled for the future. While the Harry Potter films became global sensations and remain beloved to this day, the Fantastic Beast films are yet to reach the highs set from the original story.

Due to the underwhelming success of the Fantastic Beast films, it is understandable that Warner Bros. would look to distance future releases from that franchise and instead adapt new stories for their streaming service. With Disney+ and Netflix releasing incredible original content at a regular pace, the Harry Potter franchise could be Warner Bros. ace in the hole to help them compete.

There have been theories and wish lists posted all over the internet of where Warner Bros. could take the Harry Potter franchise next. Many of these have been centred around what happened to the core cast of Harry, Hermione and Ron after the eighth film or even adapting the Cursed Child stage show into a film or series. For me though, I have always wanted the series to distance themselves from the main characters we know. All except one of them that is.

One of the biggest characters throughout the Harry Potter franchise is one that many people wouldn’t even think about mentioning, and that is Hogwarts. Part of what makes Harry Potter so special is the school itself and the history that is held within its walls. While there are many things that felt off about the Fantastic Beast films, I think the lack of Hogwarts is one of the main reasons it feels so disconnected from the original series of films. Because of this, I would love it if Warner Bros. took Hogwarts and made it a core pilar of any potential show they develop. Many people will read this and immediately think of another story focused on students attending the famous school, however I would rather the story go back to the beginning and explore its origins.

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Four names that have permeated pop culture as the Harry Potter franchise exploded but when people think of these names, they often think of the school houses not the witches and wizards behind them. Of course, many people know the back story of Hogwarts and how these characters created the school, but details of these events are lacking.

I think that a show exploring how these characters came together to create Hogwarts could offer an incredible adventure if done correctly. The time period would allow for a new look at the wizarding world at a time much different from the one we are used to without feeling forced. We also have a natural antagonist in Salazar Slytherin and his fascist ideology.

Through the eyes of these four main characters, we can not only explore their pasts and how they came together but also learn more of Hogwarts secrets as they infuse their own personalities into the famous school.

When thinking about a potential Hogwarts Founders show, I see it being scalable for multiple seasons too. Of course, Warner Bros. would need to stick the landing and deliver a quality season before thinking about expanding the show, but it would absolutely be on their minds when greenlighting any potential series.

For me the first season would be all about the four founders coming together, becoming friends and deciding to build Hogwarts. There would be trials and tribulations along the way, but the season would culminate in them building Hogwarts and making it their home.

Subsequent seasons could then explore them bringing in students to educate and guide them, expanding the cast in the process and diving more into the lore and world building fans of the franchise love. Each season could gradually develop the characters further to a point where Slytherin becomes the antagonist we know him to be and separates himself off as the villain of the series. It is here that the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff would then need to face their former ally as well as protecting the school they have built.

This may sound a little cliché and fall into classic tropes of film but if the characters and narrative around these events are done well, it could provide the epic adventure that fans have longed for since Deathly Hallows released. It also allows for the creators of the show to have freedom in the story they craft while still tying directly into an aspect of Harry Potter fans are immensely attached to and love.

With Warner Bros. already having the conversations, I do think that will undoubtably see a show set within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter sooner rather than later. While the idea I have laid out is unlikely to be the one they do go with, I will be excited to see what they do choose to develop.

Until we know more, let me know in the comments what sort of Harry Potter show you would like to see developed for HBO Max.

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