PlayStation 5 Event Seemingly Set For June 3rd

It feels like we have been getting rumours of a PlayStation 5 event continuously for the past 6 months ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards last December. If reports are to be believed however we now might be mere days away from the big reveal.

Many expected Sony to follow a similar path to the one they laid down for the PlayStation 4 back in 2013, with reveal events in February and June to showcase the specs and console respectively as well as a bunch of games. While this may have been the initial plan its assumed that these plans had to shift due to Covid-19. Only Sony really knows what the media rollout was intended to be, however we have currently have had Wired articles, PlayStation Blog posts and a Mark Cerny technical presentation that was scheduled for GDC alongside the Unreal Engine 5 demo we got recently.

While this drip feed of information hasn’t been unwelcomed, it hasn’t quenched the thirst for substantial details that fans have longed for. This has been exasperated by what Microsoft has been showing off for the Xbox Series X. There haven’t necessarily been more regular information drops but what there has been has spoken to consumers more. We have seen the box, we have seen a demo of the speed of Quick Resume and we know a first party launch title in Halo Infinite. Sony has laid down some interesting technical specifications especially in regard to the SSD, and the Unreal Engine 5 demo was stunning, but players want to know what they will be purchasing and what games they will be able to play day 1 and beyond.

I would hope that these topics will be addressed when Sony finally does their big unveiling of the PlayStation 5 and according to numerous insiders this may be happening on June 3rd.

Jason Schreier (renowned industry insider now of Bloomberg) and Jeff Grubb (of Venturebeat, who has been putting together a comprehensive list of supposed events for the next few months), have both collaborated the rumour that Sony will indeed be holding a digital showcase of the PlayStation 5 and games with more digital events apparently scheduled for the coming months too.

Jeff states:

“While the June 3 reveal should provide the best look yet at the PS5, don’t expect Sony to give away every detail about its next-gen system.”

This may then explain why Sony is also planning more digital events to allow for a more continuous stream of information after the initial big blow out. Personally I am not expecting a release date or price to be revealed until a later date especially with how Covid-19 has effected the industry. I am however hopeful we will see the console itself as well as some larger AAA games from Sony and 3rd parties that will accompany the console at launch and into 2021.

Many people have speculated that a sequel to 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn could be the flagship launch title for the PlayStation 5 with other high profile sequels such as Spider-Man 2 and God Of War 2 following in the coming months and years after release. Sony could also partner with 3rd party developers for marketing rights for some rumoured big titles such as a new Batman game from Rocksteady or the Harry Potter RPG that leaked a couple of years ago.

While both Jason Schreier and Jeff Grubb both reiterated that plans can change quickly in the current climate I think it is safe to assume that if Sony has waited this long to fully reveal the PlayStation 5, then they want to make it as impactful as possible when it does happen. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see what they have been cooking up.

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