Xbox 20/20 Outlined

Last week, Microsoft promoted that this weeks episode of Inside Xbox will debut Series X gameplay from some of their ‘global developers partners’. Today though, they have confirmed that this is just the begining of a much more comprehensive digital series.

Starting with Thursdays Inside Xbox, we will be getting monthly updates that Microsoft are calling Xbox 20/20. These updates will cover all aspects of Xbox in the lead up to their next gen launch of Series X this holiday. Going forward we will be getting further information on xCloud and Game Pass as well as a focus on Xbox Game Studios in July.

With how Covid-19 has affected the world and put a stop to tradition media events, this seems to be Xbox’s solution to how they are going to lead up to the launch of Series X. Typical landmark moments such as E3 are no longer taking place and instead publishers and developers are looking to transition to digital platforms to showcase their titles. This approach isn’t new of course with Nintendo offering their ‘Nintendo Directs’ for years and Sony getting into the digital space last year with their ‘State Of Play’ videos.

‘Inside Xbox’ is also not a new brand for Xbox however due to the current climate they do seem to be making this their key focus, under the Xbox 20/20 banner, going forward while lockdown and social distancing measures remain in place.

Below you can see the teaser trailer as well as reading the full press release on Xbox 20/20 HERE

Make sure to check back on Thursday too for a summary of all the latest information from this months Xbox 20/20 edition of Inside Xbox.

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