WWE 2K Battlegrounds Detailed

2K games have revealed their latest wrestling title, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which is developed by Saber Interactive and due out later this year. Alongside the announcement was a teaser trailer which showcased the arcade style of gameplay as well as our first look at some of the roster. Although the trailer and press release gave very few other details we have since learned more from the games ESRB ratings page.

Thanks to the ESRB we now have confirmation of what platforms WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be releasing on and it’s a pretty comprehensive list. Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia will all be supported which means we will see the first WWE game on Switch since WWE 2K18 and the debut of the franchise on Stadia. Some people may be a little apprehensive about the Switch version of the game. WWE 2K18 had such poor performance on the Switch however Saber Interactive have a fantastic track record on the platform having released both NBA Playgrounds games on the Switch as well as the technically impressive port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition.

Beyond confirmation of platforms the ESRB Rating Summary also gave us an insight into several features of WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Firstly, we have confirmation that custom characters will be in Battlegrounds. Now this might not mean create a wrestler is included as we know it from WWE 2K20, as the ESRB talks in broader terms, however there is a very strong chance that we will be able to make our own custom Superstars even if the creation options are simplified.

We also we given an outline of the types of weapons and matches that will feature in the game. Chairs and poles are listed as well as alligators (which we see in the teaser trailer), exploding barrels and falling cars. While the only typical WWE weapons mentioned are chairs and poles that doesn’t mean others such as tables and ladders won’t be included as the ESRB descriptions for WWE 2K20, WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K18 don’t reference those either despite their inclusion.

While chairs and poles will likely act feature in a similar way to other weapons in WWE 2K20, I would imagine alligators, exploding barrels and falling cars will all act as Battlegrounds version of OMG! Moments. Based on what we see in the teaser trailer I expect these to be contextual to specific arenas as we see the alligators in the swap arena but no sign of cars or barrels.

The reference of ‘climb and are shocked by an electrified cage while grabbing bags of cash’ is interesting as this could hint towards the addition of mini games or perhaps a steel cage/money in the back cross over match. Personally, I’m hoping that we also have access to both cage matches and ladder matches in a more traditional sense as well as this ‘over-the-top’ hybrid.

The final part of the summary also hints at the inclusion of Superstars yet to be confirmed. So far we have seen The Rock, John Cena, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the trailer as well as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in the promotional material however the line ‘taunt actions that are somewhat suggestive (e.g. a hula-styled circular dance) doesn’t match up with any of their taunts. Instead it is most likely referencing Big E or Nikki Bella. Both are valid candidates to be included with Big E currently part of the SmackDown! tag team champions and Nikki Bella one of the most popular female Superstars in WWE history. Either of their inclusions would also signify the inclusion of other Superstars too with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods likely included along with Big E and Brie Bella potentially included alongside Nikki Bella.

With this information now public knowledge I would expect a full trailer at some point in the coming months before more details such as the roster and modes are outlined in the lead up to the games release this fall. As for a specific release date, we don’t current have one however with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releasing later this year I would bet that the game releases late September or early October as currently WWE 2K Battlegrounds is not listed for those next generation consoles.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more information as it drops and will be keeping you up to date with Battlegrounds and WWE 2K22 next year.

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