PlayStation Announces State Of Play Video Presentation

PlayStation has broken their silence on how they will be delivering information to consumers this year in the absence of an E3 presentation and it comes in the form of a direct to consumer video titled State of Play.

PlayStation seems to be taking a play out of Nintendo’s book with this approach as Nintendo Direct’s have been used for many years now to provide fans with updates to the biggest titles coming to their platforms. The announcement came via the PlayStation Blog

Tune in to the very first episode of State of Play, where we’ll share new updates and announcements for PS4 and PS VR software.

Glad to finally be able to talk about this! Today, we’re introducing a new video program called State of Play, and the first episode kicks off Monday, March 25 at 2:00pm Pacific Time.

State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.

You can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook worldwide, and we’ll be offering up the VOD edition shortly after the episode airs.

And this is just the beginning! State of Play will return throughout the year with more updates and announcements.

See you Monday!

PlayStation has Days Gone a month away from release however their other three major first party titles are still to get a release window. SIE Bend Studios Days Gone will likely take a highlight role in this presentation although I wouldn’t be surprised if we also see at least something from Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding or The Last Of Us Part II.

One of those titles is likely to be this year and with information still minimal on their progress it would make sense for PlayStation to give at least a trailer to remind fans that they are coming.

With State of Play already confirmed to return throughout the year it is logical to assume that each of those three titles could end up taking center stage in future presentations.

PlayStation VR is also set to be showcased which shows that Sony and PlayStation still value its place in the market and will continue to support the platform through the year. As for VR games there aren’t many major titles that we know of so far but as a debut presentation I wouldn’t be surprised to see some surprise heavy hitters to let fans know what to look forward to this year.

PlayStation State of Play will air Monday at 2pm PST / 9pm GMT across multiple platforms.

Be sure to check back here after the presentation to find out the latest news.

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