Cuphead For Switch Revealed In Nindies Direct

Nintendo had their Spring 2019 Nindies Direct where they showcased 18 games and most notably Cuphead. Cuphead is an action platformer known for its tough levels and gorgeous classic art style, more importantly however is that Cuphead is known for being an Xbox console exclusive. Developed by StudioHDHR and released in September 2017 for Xbox, and Microsoft Windows due Xbox Play Anywhere, the game was critically loved and won multiple awards at The Game Awards including Best Independent Game and Best Art Direction.

Cuphead being released on Nintendo Switch has been a rumour floating around the internet for a while now however the fact that Microsoft is allowing a popular Xbox exclusive to be released on the Switch really shows how they are committing to expanding their reach and providing access to their games away from the Xbox platform. What’s more is that since the reveal it has been confirmed that Xbox Live will also be coming to Cuphead on the Switch post lauch. What this means exactly for Cuphead on Switch we don’t yet know however it does give more weight to the rumours that not only will Xbox Live be integrated into games on the Switch but also the potential release of Xbox Game Pass on the Switch via xCloud streaming.

Cuphead will be coming to Nintendo Switch on April 18th and according to an employee on ResetEra will support 1080p docked with 60fps.

Along with Cuphead Nintendo revealed plenty other great Indie games coming to Switch in the coming year including Rad from Double Fine, The Red Lantern from Timberline Studios and Stranger Things 3 The Game from BonusXP.

Indie Games have been embraced by the Switch community and so it is great to see more great titles coming to the Switch in the coming year with more likely to be announced.

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