Nintendo Switch Top 10 Games

With the Nintendo Switch now two years old it is the perfect time to look back and choose the top ten games that have come to the platform.

10. Fortnite

Why is this game on the list? Quite simply because it is the biggest game in the world. The breakout phenomenon from last year took the world by storm and just continues to produce new content month in and month out. The battle royale concept has gone from a mode to a full on genre and Fortnite is the one that continues to push that genre forward. Whats more is that Epic has been one of the driving forces behind cross-platform play and consequently Nintendo Switch players can compete against players across all platforms. So why is this genre defining game not higher on this list? Because it just isn’t the best place to play this game. The frame rate and graphical fidelity just don’t match up to its console competitors however it is undoubtably the best way to get that victory royale on the go.

9. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

When Ubisoft first revealed this cross over between Mario and the Rabbids fans shook their heads in disbelief. The Rabbids have never been overly popular amongst the gaming community as a whole and were confused as to why Nintendo would allow their iconic character to be partnered with them. It didn’t take long though for Ubisoft to quickly change opinions with the games charm and quirky tactical turn based combat. Players take control of classic Mario characters as well as Rabbid impersonators as they travel through the Mushroom Kingdom, use crazy weapons and take on weird and wonderful enemies. What’s more is that Ubisoft has continued to support this game with the latest update bringing Donkey Kong into the mix.

8. Tetris 99

If Fortnite made the battle royale genre what it is today then Tetris 99 is the game that breaks the mold in all the right ways. Traditionally battle royale games see up to 100 players dropped into a map where they then collect weapons and fight to be the last player alive as the map gradually decreases in size. Tetris applies this formula and applies it to the classic puzzle game for a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. In Tetris 99 you compete against 98 other players to clear your Tetrominos as quickly as you can and be the last player standing. Clearing your lines sends trash to your opponents and theirs to your game creating unpredictable matches with high tension. Whats more you can choose four distinct tactics for your game and even manual target players if you are competent enough. Nintendo has really bagged a fantastic experience that is exclusive to their Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

7. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Platformers is what Nintendo is famous for and with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze they have a fantastic addition to that legacy. First released on the Wii U in 2014, it got ported to the Switch in 2018 for good reason. The Wii U did not sell well at all and therefore many great games didn’t get the audience they deserved. Tropical Freeze as a perfect example of this. It has masterfully crafted levels that encourage players to test their skills without being hard for the sake of being hard. The inclusion of Funky Kong on the Switch also allows less capable players to experience the game while not having to be experienced platformers. Retro Studio’s once again proved their pedigree and gave fans a must own for the Nintendo Switch.

6. Splatoon 2

Splatoon may not yet be a common name amongst gaming fans as a whole however if you are a Nintendo fan you likely know just how fantastic these games are. The first title launched on the Wii U and gained a huge fan base so when the sequel was announced for the Nintendo Switch naturally it had a lot of hype amongst the Nintendo faithful. Since it launched Nintendo have done a fantastic job of updating the game with new content both on the multiplayer side as well as whole new single player modes. With quick and accessible gameplay Splatoon 2 really is a fantastic option for new players while providing long-term fans with a huge range of weapons to customise their attacking options. Whats more the game is masterfully designed to allow new players ways to contribute even if their skills aren’t up to other players. An online match is ultimately won based on how much of the map is covered in your team’s colour ink. This allows players to act as support and help their team win despite not being capable of beating players in a one on one shootout. With such a large player base now on the Switch Splatoon 2 really is a showcase of Nintendo’s multiplayer prowess.

5. Celeste

As indie games go it doesn’t get much better than Celeste. This pixel art platformer not only has addictive gameplay but a touching yet simple story to accompany it. Platform games are all about how they feel and from the off Celeste feels absolutely nailed down. It allows for precision movement and never feels like it’s the games fault if you die. What is so brilliant about this game though is its level design and respawn speed. Levels are broken up into ‘screens’ and each screen is completely visible while you play it. Reach the end of that screen and you reach the check point and transition onto the next. It is this design that means you almost always know what you have to do, it is doing it that is the challenge. The game incorporates jumps, dashes and grabs to solve each area and if you die you respawn almost instantly at the start of that screen. This instant revival encourages that ‘one more go’ mentality that will see you completely loosing track of time. I mentioned the story of Celeste earlier and while I wont spoil it here it only enhances what is a beautifully crafted game.

4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is that king of kart racers and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe may be the best one yet. Not only is the quality of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe apparent but its popularity is almost unmatched on the Switch. As of December 31 2018 it had sold just more than 15 million copies and become the Switch’s best-selling title. This is even more impressive seen as it is actually a port of the Wii U game released in 2014. With a great range of tracks and racers it is a fantastic game to play single player and an even better one to race against friends to prove you are the best. Mario Kart 9 may be a while off yet but for now there is no question that Mario Kart 8 is the place to go if you want a fun and compelling kart racer.

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo loves to celebrate their history and no game quite accomplishes this more than Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The action packed fighting game features more than 70 characters from across Nintendo and gaming history where players can pit their favourites against each other to see who it the best. With every fighter ever from the series included it is a Smash players dream game and one that allows for new and old players to thrive and have fantastic matches. What’s more is that this is a game Nintendo plans on supporting for a long time. We already have a fighters pass announced with Joker from Persona 5 included and 4 more to come and with Super Smash Bros Ultimate being adopted by the fighting game community then it will continue to be supported for years to come, especially as we are unlikely to get a successor any time soon…if ever?

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Mario and Nintendo and synonymous with each other and with Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo crafted a joyous game that highlights the best of this iconic plumber. 3D Mario games have been a staple of home console Nintendo games and in Odyssey you take Mario through vast levels themed around various real world and Mushroom Kingdom inspired locations. The gameplay is as tight as ever and with the introduction of Cappy players can take control of classic Mario enemies to complete countless puzzles. Countless doesn’t do that number justice either. Across the game there are 836 Power Moons to collect meaning that there is replayability for hours past completing the main story. Mario games usually go down as highlights of the console they appear on but Super Mario Odyssey will go down as a stand out for the series as a whole.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Not many consoles have a game that is in the consideration for game of a generation yet alone do they launch with such a game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not only took the Zelda series to new heights but it revolutionised open world genre in the process. It encourages players to explore the vast world of Hyrule, to discover secrets and look for hints rather than follow a way point provided by the game. It is a perfect example that exploration and gameplay can be king in helping craft a unique experience for each player. I have played more than 90 hours and still have not found all that Breath of the Wild has to offer. What’s more is that I could have gone and fought Ganon in the first few hours but the game encourages you to explore and grow as a player so that the final encounter means something. Few games have ever hooked me in the same way Breath of the Wild have and I doubt few ever will. It is a masterclass in game design and one that is hard to do justice in words. If you own a Nintendo Switch this is a must buy.

So do you agree with this list? What are the best games you have played on Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments.

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