Pokémon Direct Incoming

Today Nintendo announced that a new Pokémon Direct will air tomorrow at 2pm GMT.

The direct has been rumoured for several weeks now and will likely feature the reveal of the brand new game set to release later this year. The direct will last roughly 7 minutes so it wont be too long however Nintendo and GameFreak could potentially fit a lot of information into that time.

With three PokéBalls included with the promotional image this could lean towards a couple of things.

The likely reason behind the three PokéBalls is that we will get our first look at the starter Pokémon for the next generation. The starter Pokémon play a key part in each generation and go on to become focal points for promotions going forward.

The second reason behind the three PokéBalls could be hinting at three announcements. One of those is likely to be the reveal of generation 8 however the other two could be a new spin-off title such as Pokkén or a mobile title/app that can link in with games going forward.

As for what to expect from generation 8, we have very little to go on. There have been plenty of leaks however most have been proven fake. Some of the more prominent rumours have been focused on the United Kingdom and Kings and Queens. Others have suggested that the game could incorporate multi regions and even some that have been seen in previous titles.

Regardless of leaks and speculation it now seems that we wont have to wait long until we get our first looks at whats to come this year for Pokémon this year. Be sure to check back here tomorrow after the direct to see what was shown as well as a look at the direct itself.

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