Tetris Takes On Battle Royale

The latest game to enter the battle royale space comes from the most unlikely of sources. Tetris, the best-selling game of all time has had a recent resurgence with Tetris Effect and now Tetris 99 is looking to make its mark. Launching exclusively to those signed up to the Nintendo Switch Online Service, Tetris 99 sees you take on 98 other players to try and be the last one standing.

Nintendo UK’s website had the following information:

The basics

As various Tetriminos appear at the top of the screen, it’s up to you to guide them into place using the directional buttons and stop the screen filling all the way to the top. Complete a row of blocks and the line will clear, earning you points. Clear four lines at once to achieve a ‘Tetris™ Line Clear’ – and if you pull off multiple Tetris™ Line Clears in a row, you’ll really rack up the points and put pressure on your foes!



Clear ‘em out

Whenever you clear two or more lines simultaneously, you’ll send Garbage Blocks at your opponents, filling up their screens with difficult-to-clear obstructions. With 98 other players in each battle, you’ll be attacked with Garbage Blocks from all directions. Don’t get discouraged – strike back with attacks of your own by clearing lines!

You’ll be alerted before any Garbage Blocks arrive, and can even see how many lines are coming your way, giving you the chance to prepare yourself! Look out for warnings about incoming attacks, and change your approach at any time, using the right stick to choose which types of players to target with your own Garbage Blocks.



Game plan

You might choose to go on the offensive against the current top players, focus on those that are nearly finished, counterattack to defend against players that are targeting you…or just send Garbage Blocks at random players! With the right strategy, anybody can come out on top! If you’re feeling especially confident, you can even manually target other players using the left stick.

As you play, you’ll swipe badges from any players you KO. The more badges you have, the higher your attack power – and the more lines you’ll send to opponents at once!



Blocked in

You can always see how you stack up against the competition, as your own main playing area is surrounded by miniature versions of your opponents’ live screens! Don’t look at them for too long, though – keep your focus, and don’t stop clearing blocks until all your opponents drop!

Statistically speaking

Outside of battle, you can check stats to see your KO count, tally up your T-Spins, and more. Win as much as you can, raise your player rank and boost your right to boast about your puzzle-solving skills!



How eventful!

Special online timed events will be held in TETRIS® 99. If you come out on top of a match during one of these online events, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a prize. Stay tuned for more information!

Tetris 99 is free to download for those on the Nintendo Switch Online Service so get out there and drop those blocks.

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