RUMOUR – Nintendo Direct Set For 13th

Nintendo fans have been eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s next Direct so to get a clearer picture of what 2019 has instore for the Nintendo Switch. With the last Direct being in September of 2018 it is certainly time for one and thanks to a post on ResetEra, we might not have long to wait much longer.

King Zell, an insider who has a solid track record for information, showed up again on ResetEra on friday with the following post.

King Zell date leak 8/2/19

Obviously there is still some ambiguity to this post however based on King Zell’s previous posts and the fact it was posted in a thread speculating over the next Direct it would be safe to assume that is what he is hinting at.

For those who are unaware of King Zell’s previous leaks he has correctly leaked announcements for Animal Crossing on Switch as well as details for the Pokémon event that was held last year.

If the hint at a potential announcement wasnt enough King Zell then went on to suggest what we could possibly see during the Direct itself.

King Zell spoilers 8/2/19

Fans will likely be thrilled to hear that the long rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy will probably be at this Direct. Especially after the recent announcement that Metroid Prime 4 has been restarted and so is even further away.

Pokémon news seems logical with Generation 8 set to be released later this year. A Pikmin 3 port also makes a lot of sense as Pikmin 4 is expected sooner rather than later.

The three that are more surprising though are Super Mario Maker 2, Boxboy and a 2D Zelda.

Boxboy has been a successful franchise on the 3DS so although not a major name could translate well to Switch. It also makes a lot of sense for Nintendo to want to bring Super Mario Maker 2 and a 2D Zelda to the Switch this year.

Being two of the most recognisable names for Nintendo, a Zelda and Mario games in 2019 will undoubtably boost sales while giving more development time to potential Breath of the Wild and Odyssey sequels.

Regardless of the validity of these leaks it seems we wont have to wait long to find out with the 13th being only three days away.

Until then be sure to check back here for any updates

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