WWE 2K19 Showcases Daniel Bryan

Today 2K Sports and WWE announced that Showcase mode will be returning to WWE 2K19 after a two year absence.

This year the Showcase mode will highlight the career of Daniel Bryan, arguably the most popular WWE Superstar of the past decade.

WWE 2K19 Showcase mode will feature unique video packages to highlight Bryans career as well as 11 playable matches that have defined it. During the matches specific objectives can be achieved to activate in-game cut scenes that help depict how those matches played out.

WWE 2K19 Showcase WM30

Some of the matches that players will be able to experience include Daniel Bryans match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 as well as a young Daniel Bryan taking on a young John Cena on an episode of Velocity in the early days of their careers.

WWE 2K19 Showcase Bryan Cena

In an interview that accompanied the announcement on their official website, the 2K Showcase Design Team at Visual Concepts answered a number of questions regarding their choice of Daniel Bryan for the star of this years WWE 2K19 Showcase mode.

As well as the interview a number of the WWE 2K community were invited to see the game. YouTuber Smacktalks was one of those lucky few and from the event he was given permission to show off the first gameplay footage of 2K19’s Showcase mode.

WWE 2K19 will launch on October 9th with the Wooooo! Collectors Edition launching four days earlier on October 5th.

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