First WWE 2K19 Screen Shots Revealed

Today via his personal Twitter account, AJ Styles revealed the first official screen shot of WWE 2K19.


The current WWE Champion AJ Styles will himself be gracing the cover of this years game and therefore it was only fitting that he was the first in-game render we get to see.

The image doesn’t give much away and once again shows how strong the visuals are in the WWE 2K series with great lighting effects and textures.

Obviously the proof is with footage and gameplay rather than still images however I am sure AJ Styles would have loved getting to reveal the image.

With the recent announcements of the collectors edition, new Towers mode and now the first official image its likely that the WWE 2K promotional machine will be revving up in the coming weeks as we approach its October release.


WWE Games have since released a second image on their official Twitter account that was shown off during SmackDown Live.

WWE 2K19 SS 2

The image shows off a different scene from AJ Style’s entrance including the crowd in the background.

Once again the image looks great and really shows off the new lighting and character model.

The original Twitter post read as followed.

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