New FIFA 19 Modes Detailed

During the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup Finals this weekend EA revealed some new features coming to FIFA 19 Kick Off mode as well as the first details on FUT 19.

Kick Off mode is the go to mode on FIFA to have a quick match and challenge your friends. This year though EA has taken a mode many thought didn’t need improving and transformed it while keeping to what makes the FIFA series so great, competition.

FIFA 19 New Kick Off

Kick Off has now been expanded to included 6 different match modes instead of just the traditional match. These include variations on classic themes such as Headers and Volleys, Cup Matches and House Rules.

Information from the official FIFA 19 website

  • UEFA Champions League — The most prestigious club competition in the world is just as integrated into Kick-Off as it is to the rest of FIFA 19. From group stage matches to the Final, you can set up a custom Champions League match with specific visuals, rules, and more that provide a realistic, immersive tournament experience.
  • House Rules — If you’ve ever wanted to play a match in FIFA with different rules—or no rules at all—the House Rules match type is just for you. You can set up a match with a selection of custom rules, including No Rules, Survival, Long Range, First to . . ., and Headers & Volleys.
    • Survival Mode— Each time a user scores a goal, a random player from the scoring club is removed (excluding the goalkeeper) to create a challenge for the player with a score advantage.
    • No Rules — Anything goes in this match type, in which there are no offside calls, fouls, or bookings.
    • Long Range— Any goal scored inside the box will count as one goal, but goals scored from outside the box count as two goals.
    • First to. . .— This match type lets you set a custom win condition, whether it’s first to score (golden goal), first to three goals, etc. The match will still play to the clock and go through full time, as well as extra time and penalties, if you choose.
    • Headers & Volleys— You can only score in this match type with a header or a volley. Free kicks and penalties also count, but any other goal scored using your feet outside of a volley will be disallowed.
  • Best Of Series — Play classic matches in a three- or five-match series to determine an overall winner.
  • Home & Away — This is a two-legged match type in which you play one home and one away match to determine the overall winner. The winner is determined by the aggregate score, which is the team that has scored the most combined goals from those two matches. If the teams are level after two matches, the team with the most away goals will be determined the winner. If the teams are still level, the match will go to extra time, then to a penalty shootout.
  • Cup Finals— Play your match as one of a handful of real-life cup finals, including the Champions League Final, Europa League Final, FA Cup Final, and others. Official kits, badges, match balls, and authentic broadcast overlays (for a select few tournaments) provide an authentic cup final experience.


FIFA 19 Kick Off Menu


These new match types will not only add a new visual presentation to many Kick Off matches but with some modes also completely change how players play a match. These are sure to be a huge hit with friends who play locally together and love to mix things up to keep those FIFA sessions interesting.

Speaking of those FIFA sessions EA has now implemented full stat tracking across Kick Off mode. Gone are the spread sheets and A4 pads to keep track of who is the best player out of all your friends, FIFA 19 will track win/loss records, heat maps, goals scored and lots of others too.

Tracked Stats

  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Draws
  • Win %
  • Goals Scored
  • Goals Allowed
  • Goal Differential
  • Goal Types:
    • Inside box
    • Outside of the box
    • Penalties
    • Free Kicks
  • Goal Heatmap on net (where on net it was scored)
  • Shot On Target % (comparing total shots vs shots on target)
  • Total Shots on Target
  • Total Shots
  • Average Possession %
  • Average possession % in areas
  • Pass % completion

Tracked Milestones (for head-to-head comparisons)

  • Previous five match results
  • Most two-legged match wins
  • Most Best of three wins
  • Most Best of five wins
  • Most Cup Final wins
  • Fastest goal scored
  • Biggest win (biggest goal differential in a match)

FIFA 19 Kick Off Stats

What players will really love though is that these stats can be tracked across all your matches even if you’re not on your console.

Players will be able to link their Kick Off stats to their account names to allow them to bring their stats with them where ever they play.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team will also be receiving some new updates this year to make the mode more engaging for players.


Discover your place in the FUT community and take on players of a similar skill level from around the world in Division Rivals. In this brand-new mode for FUT 19, you’ll compete against others in your Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards to choose from that can help you improve your squad.


When you start Division Rivals for the first time, you’ll play a set of placement matches to see how you measure up against other players. You’ll be assigned a Skill Rating based on your performance in those matches, which determines your Division. The result of each match you play in your Division during the week impacts your Skill Rating; build up a high Skill Rating and you could move to a higher Division.


Each week in Division Rivals is an entirely competition, and you can earn rewards at the end of every week. Your weekly score determines your rank within the Division, and a higher rank means a better choice of rewards when each competition ends.


Every win in Division Rivals not only gets you closer to the next Division, it also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. An overhauled FUT Champions qualification system awards you points to use for qualification into the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for future qualification, so you can decide which weekend you want to play in. Re-qualification to the Weekend League also works differently; each Weekend League win also earns points that can be used to enter into future Weekend Leagues.

FUT players are always looking for new challenging and engaging ways to compete online and with Division rivals they have certainly got it.

EA Sports released a video outlining these new FUT features to give players a much better idea of how these systems work but with FIFA 19 due out at the end of September then players wont have to wait long to experience them for themselves.

Are you excited for these new Kick Off and FUT modes? Let me know in the comments below.

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