Nintendo Switch Continues to Sell Well

Nintendo has released their latest sales figures for their consoles and the Switch continues to impress.

As of June 30 2018 the Nintendo Switch has now sold just short of 20 million units with nearly 87 million software units sold also.

Switch Sales June 2018

The data which has come from Nintendo’s Japanese site also confirms sales figures for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, giving further confirmation that the Nintendo Switch is performing fantastically well when compared to those consoles especially when it was only released last March.

Nintendo has previously stated that they hope to ship 20 million Switch units for the 2018/19 fiscal year. Based off of these reports they have already sold around 4 million units since April 2018, putting them well on track considering Nintendo’s biggest hitters of the year are still yet to be released.

The Nintendo 3DS also continues to perform well which is likely why Nintendo has been keen to keep it relevent with new special edition console releases.

It is good to see that the Switch continues to sell well and it will be interesting to see just how high those numbers can rise over the coming years.

For now though you can see the rest of Nintendo’s console sales figures below.

Nintendo Console Sales June 2018

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