Netflix buys Mowgli movie rights

In a move that sees Netflix flexing more of their financial muscle, they have acquired the worldwide movie rights from Warner Bros. for Andy Serkis Jungle Book film, Mowgli.

The streaming service giant has taken another step towards competing with cinemas with this latest move. Originally set for an October 2018 release, Mowgli will now get a worldwide release on Netflix in 2019 after they paid an undisclosed fee to Warner Bros. The film will also see a limited theatrical release to accommodate a 3D version of the film.

Andy Serkis’ take on the classic Jungle Book story will feature realistic CGI animals and supposedly be a darker take on Rudyard Kipling’s stories.

The move to Netflix likely doesn’t mean that we should be worried over the films quality but instead is probably due to the success Disney had with their Jungle Book remake that released in 2016.

That film also adopted a CGI approach and there for Warner Bros. would understandably be concerned over comparisons and confusions from the general population. After all these films were originally scheduled to have similar release dates but Warner Bros. made the move to avoid going up against Disney’s version.

This move to Netflix shouldn’t indicate that the film will be of a lesser quality however. Netflix will have had to compensate Warner Bros. with a significant sum of money to make this financially viable for them as this film will have had a high production budget with the amount of CGI involved and the cast they managed to acquire.

Despite not looking as revolutionary as Warner Bros. and Serkis would have hoped when they first started working on this film, the trailer still looks very impressive and it is no wonder that Netflix would jump at the chance to debut this film on their platform.

No official date was given beyond 2019 but is this a film you will watch when it launches? Let me know in the comments.


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