Next Xbox to embrace streaming

In an article posted on Thurrott we might have some new information on what to expect from Microsoft’s next Xbox console or more specifically, consoles.

According to the article Microsoft is planning on releasing two consoles simultaneously in 2020. These two consoles will be equals in terms of the games they play however one will be a traditional console box while the other will be based around streaming.

Code named Scarlett these two consoles are being developed alongside each other while it’s reported the streaming box is further along.

Having a console based off of cloud gaming would allow Microsoft to release this version of Scarlett at a much lower price point as the internals wouldn’t need to be as powerful as the traditional version that would process and run games locally.

This would allow gamers with strong and stable internet to migrate to the new generation without the normal higher price, something that has often held people back from being early adopters.

Microsoft’s secret to being able to commit to game streaming lies with their supposed progress in reducing latency. This low latency streaming would allow games which require twitch reflexes to be played without the streamers being at a disadvantage.

If Microsoft is able to truly pull of low latency game streaming then they could completely revolutionise the industry. What’s best is that they could offer a solution to every market, those that want a compact, cheaper box to stream games and those that want a traditional console upgrade.

There are yet to be any word on actual specifications of these boxes so it is unclear what kind of performance Microsoft are targeting for these consoles. Ideally fans are hoping for consistent 4K at 60fps across the board. These could potentially be achieved by the localised box, this performance is unlikely via streaming but if 1080p with 60fps can be hit then that would still be a significant step.

Possibly the biggest win for Microsoft here would be if Sony isn’t looking to match Microsoft with their next console. If Sony only releases a local box and doesn’t implement streaming at a cheaper cost then Microsoft and Xbox could steal a huge market share early on, an advantage that has proved vital to Sony this generation.

With the current console generation reaching its twilight years then it is only a matter of time until we start hearing more and more about what Microsoft and Sony are cooking up. Until then be sure to head over to Thurrott and read their article and keep your eyes posted here for all the latest information.


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