New info for Marvel’s Spider-Man from SDCC

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to be one of the years biggest games when it launches on PlayStation 4 September 7th. The promotional machine is revving up and following on from the gameplay demo shown at E3 this year we have received more information from San Diego Comic Con.

First up we have got a brand new story trailer for the game.

In this trailer we see more of the villains already established in the E3 gameplay demo as well as our first look at Silver Sable.

We also get a look at the dynamic between Peter, Mary-Jane and Miles Morales which looks to be a key focus of the story and a corner-stone that the player will come back to.

Norman Osborn makes an appearance and seems to be the one hiring Silver Sable to take out Spider-Man who is seen as a public menace by Osborn. We didn’t get any hints that the Green Goblin would show up but there is a strong possibility.

We then get a look at the third and final pre-order suit for the game.

The Velocity Suit will join the Spider-Punk suit and Iron Spider Suit (inspired by Avengers: Infinity War) as the third suit players will unlock if they pre-order.

Players who don’t pre-order will be able to unlock these suits as well as many others in-game once it launches on September 7th.

Prehaps the coolest news coming out of San Diego Comic Con is the reveal of the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The red console is branded with the white spider logo and looks incredible. Sony has been criticised in the past for their lackluster limited edition console designs but this one is stunning and perfectly represents the game.

These limited edition consoles will launch alongside the game on September 7th.

Along with the consoles they announced a slew of other merchandise including an art book, action figures and Funko Pops.

I for one can not wait for this game. Once it releases I will be sure to give my full impressions of this game but until then keep your eyes peeled for more information and news.


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