New Pokémon Let’s Go Information

Last week we were treated to three new trailers for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee!. Two of these trailers were Japanese and the other was in English. All three of them contained similar details however the footage varied between them and there were a few new glimpses of the game that hint at some exciting features.

The images shown below were taken from the trailers themselves and you can see all three of the trailers at the bottom of this page.

Kanto PLG Map

First up we got a brand new version of the Kanto Map. Having been the location for the original Red, Blue and Yellow Pokémon games as well as the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes this is an image we have seen updated throughout the series however it’s great to see it in this new level of detail as well as locations of various Pokémon incorporated to represent the fact that Pokémon will now be visible in the overworld in the Let’s Go games.

A couple of little tidbits, Mew is visible on the map however it is hidden behind the clouds along the top. This is likely due to it only being obtainable via the Poké Ball Plus device.

The Cinnabar volcano is also visible on the map down by Articuno, potentially indicating that it will be visible within the game and maybe even explorable in some way. Previously the volcano wasnt visible only Cinnabar Island.

We then get a look at the start-up screen and menu screen for Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu. While the text on the title screen is in English we are unable to read the text on the menu screen as it’s in Japanese. It appears to show three categories however. A location, a currency count or Pokédex count and a game clock.

These screens look clean and easily to navigate though while still being vibrant. You would assume that Pikachu will be replaced by Eevee in the Let’s Go! Eevee edition but its unclear if the character holding Pikachu will be seen with any other Pokémon other than the two title Pokémon.

Pokémon Yellow was all about being closer to the anime and these games look to continue that goal by including cinematic camera cuts that will help add a level of polish and immersion to the game that the originals could achieve. Expect to see lots of these swooping shots and close-ups through the game during the main story points.

Visually this game is already impressing and we got to have a better look at some of the classic locations and how they have been updated for these games.

Your characters room has been updated to include the Nintendo Switch System. Each of the games have continued to see the protagonist have the latest in Nintendo consoles so it’s great to see this continue. Unfortunately no hint at Pokémon themed Joy Cons but we will have to wait and see.

The Pokémon Museum has also seen a big visual upgrade. This iconic location now included a replica Aerodactyl as well as Kabutops. The cabinets also include various fossils which could potentially hide secrets or teases.

We also get to see the Bike Shop in Cerulean City. This might not seem that important however fans were speculating that the Bicycle might not return as the Cycling Road has seen a number of changes and throughout the trailers you are not seen on a bicycle in these areas. The inclusion of the Bicycle Shop may hint that these initial impressions were in fact wrong.

Battling against your friends has also been a key feature of the Pokémon games and during these trailers we get to see the arena that those battles will take place in. With a high-tech, futuristic vibe to it it’s unclear if this location will appear anywhere else during the game or be exclusive to friend battles.

Gym battles provide you with a stage to test your skill and square up against the best trainers in the game. Each gym is themed around a Pokémon type and 2 of the most popular Gym leaders are Brock and Misty. These two gained particular fame from their time in the anime and it’s these two who are used to show of the new Gym designs that Game Freak have implemented.

Brock’s Gym has been kited out with rock formations while Misty’s now has a path that is slightly submerged below a pool of water with diving boards flanking the sides.

Both of these Gyms now also are fitted with stands for spectators to watch you battle through to each of the Gym Leaders.

It’s these added features that will really add to the game visually and make this world seem real and lived in.

Customisation features were outlined in the new trailers including genders, outfits and even hair styles!

We previously learned that Pikachu has a female gender type with a curved tail tip but we now know that Eevee also has a female version which is identified by a heart shape tail tip.

Outift’s and character customisation has become more apparent in recent instalments and this feature will return for the Let’s Go games. Both your character and your partner Pokémon will both be able to have outfits and you’ll even be able to match yours to your Pokémon’s.

Perhaps the strangest inclusion however is the ability to change your partner Pokémon’s hair style. Sure it’s cute to see Pikachu with an Elvis like flick but the bangs are just a little unnerving.

During Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse presentation we learned that Pikachu or Eevee will alert you to items throughout the world by wagging their tails but we now know that following Pokémon will also alert you to hidden items by stopping and having an explanation mark above their heads. It’s unclear if certain Pokémon will alert you to certain items or if it’s just generic across the board but it’s a fun little inclusion that will help make travelling along the routes more interesting.

Previously we have seen that the ability to ride Pokémon will be included in these titles and now we have a new look at one of those Pokémon being Arcanine. The animations look fantastic and I’m sure the it will be a favourite choice amongst many fans.

Following Pokémon will obviously play a large role in the game and we have a look at how a Magikarp will move. Quite simply it flops along beside you. It looks fantastically funny and is another example of how brilliantly throughout this game is.

We have seen Lapras being ridden in previous trailers but what is different about this image is that it confirms features seen in the leaked Lapras image from several months ago. As well as a trainer visible at the top of the screen there is also a Tentacool to the left. This confirms that Pokémon are not only found in the overworld in grass but also the water when surfing throughout Kanto.

This brief shot shows the player running with lots of Pikachu’s. This could be assumed to be Go Park, where you transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go but instead I think it could be a mini game. The image on the left shows a timer in the top corner while the Go Park image on the right does not feature a timer.

It’s possible then that this could be our first look at a mini game found in Kanto and if so there are likely to be others as well.

PLG J2 Team Rocket

No surprisingly Team Rocket will play a part in the story of the Let’s Go games and as these are also based on Pokémon Yellow then Jessie and James will also make an appearance. It’s in the Japanese trailer that we get a small glimpse of them though and they look fantastic. This is the closest a Pokémon game has looked to the anime and these help show that off. I just wish we would get voice acting too to truly bring them to life.

The most exciting feature seen in these new trailers comes when we see the legendary birds Zapdos and Moltres.

It was previously believed that all Pokémon encounters would simply be the catching mechanic from Pokémon Go. From these trailers though we can expect to see traditional battles against the legendaries at least.

The Zapdos clip starts with a similar cinematic intro to what we saw with Mewtwo in the first trailer. It then however shows Pikachu attacking Zapdos with a backdrop of the Power Plant and a visual set up that matches other trainer battles. We then see a short clip of Pikachu attacking Moltres in a cave.

This is a welcome sight and will hopefully make encountering these legendary Pokémon more of an event and challenge to add some drama to the moment.

These trailers have given us a better look at the game as well as helping to reassure me that Game Freak look to be crafting a fun and engaging game that will give fans of the originals the nostalgia trip they are looking for while still implementing new ideas and mechanics.

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