My E3 2018 Game of the Show

E3 never fails to disappoint when it comes to big announcements and reveals, yet few games can truly amaze you when you see them and cement themselves as the best game of E3.

For many members of the press and gaming community that got to attend the event they said that Cyberpunk 2077 was that game for them. For me however it was a game that received a gameplay demo during Sony’s E3 Showcase.

When The Last of Us released in 2013 many, including myself, were blown away by what Naughty Dog had created. Famed for their work on the Uncharted Series, they took their strong character development and applied it to a dark and sombre game rather than an action packed adventure. This different take resulted in one of the most complete games ever and one that has been remembered as a masterpiece.

Fast forward to December 2016 and at PSX we get the debut teaser trailer for The Last of Us Part II, the game we didn’t really know if we wanted or not. Joel and Ellie’s story from the first game felt so perfectly wrapped up that any potential sequel would have a tough job to beat, let alone do justice to.

Sony had already let us know that we would be seeing more of The Last of Us Part II at their E3 Showcase but they didn’t give any indication as to what they might show.

It turns out that Sony knows what I want more than I do myself because their demo of The Last of Us Part II left me jaw dropped and wanting to play this game more than almost any other currently announced.

Immediately I was reinvested in Ellie and where her life has taken her. I was invested in the characters around her and left wanting to know more about them and their community. Most of all however I was left genuinely excited by the gameplay that Naughty Dog had created.

The tension, the drama, the urgency. All were expertly conveyed and if I felt all of that just watching a demo then playing it myself will be an incredible experience.

Naughty Dog have proven themselves with fun, compelling gameplay but its with story that they have been the bar setters. It’s this pedigree that has got me as excited as I am. In the lead up to E3 I was unsure if I needed to revisit this world and the characters that live in it. What the demo did so brilliantly was prove to me in moments that I did. Seeing Ellie slightly older but seemingly still struggling with inner demons hints at the possible stories that Naughty Dog could explore. Such a rich narrative was established in the first game and from the little we have seen, Naughty Dog don’t seem to have taken the obvious route with the sequel but rather are looking to dive deeper into the world and psyche of the characters that we will encounter.

Obviously we will have to play the game ourselves to see if Naughty Dog can truly achieve this but you would be a brave person to bet against them based on their previous games.

Unfortunately there was no release window given for The Last of Us Part II so we don’t know when we will be playing it. One thing is for sure though and that is that Sony and Naughty Dog delivered an incredible showing at E3 and one that will be hard to forget.

It is for these reasons that The Last of Us Part II is my E3 2018 game of the show.

You can see the gameplay demo from Sony’s E3 Showcase below.


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