5 Best Games of E3 2018

E3 2018 gave fans some amazing gameplay demo’s and trailers that left us jaw dropped but which were the best. It’s time to choose the best 5 games we saw at E3 this year. To clarify these are games that were given a public gameplay demo either on the show floor or online.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Since its reveal in 2016 fans have been waiting for the web-slingers latest adventure to release on the PS4. With it now set to come out in a couple of months on September 7th we got a better look at the game at E3.

Two gameplay demo’s were shown including gameplay of Spider-Man encountering his notorious villains on The Raft, which was show at the Sony Showcase. The second demo was shown several times throughout the week in which we saw more of New York and several of the side missions.

Every aspect of this game looks fantastic. From the visuals themselves, to the combat, to the fluidity of the traversal. Insomniac Games looks to have created a masterpiece for one of the most iconic superheroes ever and I for one can’t wait for September 7th to arrive so I can play it myself.


EA had a big challenge on their hands going into EA Play this year. Could they convince people that Anthem is the next big game. From what they showed it certainly looks like it could.

The brief gameplay we got last year gave the promise of flying mech suits and fun co-op gun play. The longer demo we got this year once again reiterated these points as well as giving more details about the customisation and classes.

People that got hands on with Anthem have all said how great the flying mechanics feel and with the stunning open world they seem to have created, Anthem looks set to steal away the shared world audience from Destiny.

We will have to wait until March to see if the game has legs beyond the initial gameplay loop but for now it looks like Anthem could be the big game everyone is playing come Spring.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft took a year off from the Assassins Creed franchise in 2016 and returned last year with the critically acclaimed Assassins Creed Origins which added in RPG elements in an ancient Egyptian setting. Many were then wondering if a new title this year could reach the same heights having not had the benefit of that year break, Assassins Creed Odyssey looks to be proving people wrong however.

Set in Ancient Greece, Assassins Creed Odyssey is doubling down on the RPG elements added in last year title and taking them a step further. Dialogue trees, relationships and deep skill trees all feature as well as the game talking place in a stunningly realised open world.

For years now Assassins Creed has continued to look samey but this year Ubisoft seem to have shifted from the classic gameplay to really focus on the RPG elements. Because of this I am really excited about this game and cant wait to explore Ancient Greece and secrets it may hold.

Super Mario Bros Ultimate

Teased during Nintendo’s March Direct we finally got a full reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate during their E3 Direct and what a reveal it was!

Super Smash Bros fans are incredibly passionate and know every detail of their games. You can imagine then how excited everyone was when it was announced that every fighter ever in the series would be returning to this game. Along with the reveal we got tones of gameplay from Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse and this game looks so much fun! Once it releases in December its bound to cause countless battles between friends that will keep fans entertained for a long time. With all 65 characters returning too there is plenty of variety to keep the hardcore fans interested as well as a character for everyone to get attached to for the new comers.

Fighting games sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve but it seems Super Smash Bros is an exception to that rule and it created a big buzz around E3 this year. December can’t come soon enough for those epic battles to start.

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog is one of the most renowned developers in the whole industry and their games continue to set new standards for other to match. In 2013 they raised the bar with The Last of Us and this year they showed how they are doing it once again with its sequel.

The Last of Us Part II kicked off Sony’s Showcase with an incredible gameplay demo that not only took people’s breath away with its visuals but also with the brutal gameplay.

Naughty Dog seem to have free rein to deliver their uncompromised vision and based on what we saw at E3 they could be crafting a rollercoaster of a game filled with tension, emotion, action and drama. We may not have got a release window but this The Last of Us Part II is a game I am dying to experience.

Those were the 5 games from E3 that I think looked the best but which were your favourites?

Let me know in the comments.


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