E3 2018 Prediction Results

E3 2018 is unfortunately over but it certainly did not disappoint with what it gave us. Several weeks ago I made 5 predictions for each of the publisher conferences and now its time to see how many I got right.


My EA predictions we rather split. I correctly guessed that FIFA 19 would announce the Champions League license with a trailer and that there would be Madden and other sports games shown. I also correctly predicted the Anthem gameplay however Dragon Age 4 did not make an appearance. The harder one to decide was Respawn’s Star Wars game. I correctly guessed it would be at the show however they only spoke about it and did not show a trailer so it going to have to go down as incorrect.

Result 3/5


My Microsoft predictions didn’t turn out too favorably. Splinter Cell, Fable, Rocksteady and The Avengers game all didn’t show up during their conference and despite correctly guessing that Gears 5 would be shown I thought that it would be instead of Halo 6. Halo 6 was announced as Halo Infinite which also makes that prediction wrong too.

Result 0/5


Unlike my Microsoft predictions my Bethesda predictions went pretty well.

I correctly predicted Rage 2, Doom 2 (Doom Eternal), The new IP (Starfield) and The Elder Scrolls VI tease. Wolfenstien II is the only stumbling block however as I predicted DLC but they instead announced a whole new game in the series.

Result 4/5

Square Enix

With Square Enix I correctly guessed Just Cause 4. My Kingdom Hearts III and Life is Strange 2 predictions though were not quite right. We only saw a Kingdom Hearts trailer and now gameplay and we got an announcement of a ‘prequel’ to Life is Strange 2 not the game itself so neither were quite right.

My predictions of Final Fantasy 7 and Avengers were completely wrong as neither made an appearance.

Result 1/5


My predictions of a Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer and The Division 2 gameplay we spot on however Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs 3 and Prince of Persia all failed to make an appearance.

Result 2/5


My Sony prediction did not go at all like I was hoping. Devil May Cry 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 were both at E3 this year but appeared on Microsoft’s stage not Sony’s. Bloodborne 2 and a new Crash Bandicoot game didn’t happen at all and although we did see The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima there were no release windows given.

Result 0/5


For Nintendo we unfortunately didn’t see GTA V or F-Zero so that’s 2 that didn’t happen. We also didn’t see Crash Bandicoot and Spyro in Super Smash Bros (although I think this could still happen). We did get Fortnite announced and released and although I was announced the week before we got more confirmation that Pok√©mon is indeed going back to Kanto in the Let’s Go games.

Result 2/5

So out of my 35 predictions I only managed to get 12 right. Some of them were close but there is no denying that E3 was excellent this year and sent everyone home happy.

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