Spider-Man E3 gameplay gives us villains

Marvel’s Spider-Man closed Sony’s PlayStation E3 Showcase in style with a brand new gameplay demo.

During the demo we got our first look at several classic Spider-Man villains as well as a deeper look at the combat in the game.

Starting with the combat you will have a range of aerial and combo moves available to you as well as contextual moves depending on what’s near you in the environment. As you would expect, web moves play a big role being used to pin down enemies as well as pull them towards you to keep the action flowing.

Traversal was again highlighted in a chase scene with Electro which saw Spider-Man zip lining, wall running and evading obstacles all seamlessly integrated into his movements.

The real star of this demo though were the 5 villains which were all shown off. Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Mr. Negative all look fantastic and had the characteristics that you would expect. There was also a 6th villain potentially teased at the end although no indication was given as to who this could be.

Marvel’s Spider-Man comes to PS4 September 7th but for now you can see the gameplay demo yourself below.

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