Anthem deep dive at EA Play

Anthem took center stage at EA Play where we got to find out a lot more about the game as well as a new trailer.

Developed by Bioware, the game will see you pilot mech suits called Javelins to take on missions in a narrative driven shared world.

The game will seemingly have two focuses. Story focused character development taking place in your own base and co operative missions taking place in a shared world. This amalgamations story and multiplayer will allow for Anthem to drive a strong narrative for each player while sill encouraging expansive multiplayer without sacrificing either.

As a player you will have access to a Javelin suit to complete missions in. These flying mech suits coming in 4 classes, Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. As a player you will have access to all 4 classes to allow you to choose the right one for each mission and compliment your friends choices to give you a better chance in battle.

These Javelin suits are customisable with various weapon and cosmetics to make them unique to you. You are the pilot and Bioware wanted to make it so you can fully express yourself through your Javelins as a freelancer would.

Once you have chosen your Javelin you will embark out into the shared world to complete your objectives. You can team up with 3 friends to take on these missions but the world is much larger than this. Despite who you are playing with the world you are in is the same for everyone. This means that if you are playing at night, everyone is playing at night. If you are hit by a massive storm, everyone is experiencing it too. This shared world aspect will truly make Anthem feel connected and allow for those water cooler conversations to flourish.

Speaking of the world it is vast with massive verticality that can be maximised with your Javelin’s flight capabilities as well as its ability to dive under water.

The developers gave a few tidbits into the setting of Anthem too by saying that the world was left by the Gods but they left their giant tools behind. Enemies such as the Dominion will look to harness these tools and it will be your job to stop them.

Bioware seem to be focused on fleshing out the world of Anthem and I wouldn’t be surprised if through the story missions you discover more of its past and the events that have shaped it.

During the Q&A with the developers there was plenty of stunning concept art shown off as well as a short gameplay demo which can be seen below. (Gameplay demo starts at 13:15)

Anthem will release on February 22nd 2019.

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