EA Play 2018 – E3 2018

Today EA had their EA Play event to kick off E3 week where they showcased and announced a number of games.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V built upon its reveal from a few weeks ago with a new trailer and the announcement that Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield V.

They also confirmed that we will be getting a better look at War Stories at tomorrow’s Xbox conference.


Next up saw FIFA 19 take centre stage and with the confirmation that the UEFA Champions League will indeed be included in this years title. The announcement was accompanied by a debut trailer for the game which showcased the Champions League anthem and graphics.

It was also confirmed that the Champions League will be incorporated into all areas of FIFA 19 including, tournaments, career mode, The Journey and Ultimate Team, which will be shown off late this summer.

FIFA 19 will release September 28th 2018.

As well as the FIFA 19 reveal it was announced that FIFA 18 is now free to download in full, including the latest World Cup update for a limited time.

Origin Access Premier

A new tier of Origin Access is coming to PC which will allow players to subscribe and gain access to all of EA’s biggest games with one subscription including Madden, FIFA 19, Battlefield V and Anthem.

They also stated they are working on a larger streaming platform to allow players to play anywhere across many devices.

Star Wars

Respawn didn’t show their latest Star Wars game but they did reveal the games title, release window and setting.

The game will be titled Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It is scheduled for holiday 2019 and will be set between Episode 3 and 4 during order 66 and the dark times in the galaxy. You will indeed play as a Jedi and wield a Lightsaber and we are set to find out more next year.

Battlefront II then took the stage to acknowledge the games troubled release as well as outlining the content coming this year. As well as the Han Solo content we will get a new modes as well as a massive drop of Clone Wars themed maps and characters including Geonosis, their largest map to date, General Grevious, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Unravel Two

Next up we saw the debut of Unravel Two, which is available today!

The game is focused on a two player adventure, although it can be played single player, and will see players using co op platforming to navigate challenges and help each other.

Sea of Solitude

EA’s next EA Originals title is Sea of Solitude, a game that sees the player battle loneliness in the most heartbreaking of ways. Little details were given but the game looks gorgeous and is sure to tackle emotional charging topics as you seek to help turn a lonely monster human again.

EA Sports Titles

As expected there was reveals for EA’s other two major sports franchises, Madden and NBA Live. Little information was given for these games but they both received trailers and release dates.

Madden 19 coming August 10th.

NBA Live 19 coming September 7th.

Command and Conquer Rivals

The RTS classic makes a comeback on mobile this time with Command and Conquer Rivals. The game debuted with an onstage battle between two players and then received a cinematic trailer. No official release date was given but Android users can access the pre-alpha today.


EA’s biggest announcements closed out their show this year when Anthem took centre stage.

The showing started with a brand new epic trailer which then was followed by a Q&A with the developers and finally a gameplay demo.

During all of this we found out that game will merge single and multiplayer with the single player, story focused content coming via your base. You will then travel out into the world to complete missions which is where the multiplayer comes into play, although these can also be completed alone.

Your Javelin (mech suit) is key to these missions and they are broken down into 4 classes. Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. These all have their own strengths in battle and can be customised with different weapons and aesthetics. There will be paid options that can be purchased to change the look of your Javelin however these will not be random or effect progression/gameplay.

Finally they revealed that the game will be coming in 2019 on February 22nd.

That was EA Play for 2018 but E3 is just getting started. Make sure you keep coming back for more detailed looks at EA’s games as well as all the news from E3 this week.

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