Which Publisher Will Win E3?

E3 2018 is almost upon us and the hype is building. The 7 major publishers will all have a presence with a conference or showcase but who will steal the show?

It’s time to predict who is likely to have the best presentation based on all we know.


EA will kick off the E3 festivities with their EA Play event on Saturday. Having come under fire recently due to their treatment of major titles and the overuse of micro transactions I expect them to come to E3 this year in a big way to earn back the community’s trust.

Anthem, which for many stole the show last year, is set to have a big presence at their show this weekend. If EA and Bioware can deliver on the concept they presented last summer then there’s no doubt this will be a game everyone is talking about.

EA also has the secret weapon of Star Wars up their sleeves. Although Battlefront II didn’t launch to a great reception we know that Respawn is working on an action-adventure game set in a galaxy far far away. If that game is ready to show in some way and looks as good as everyone hopes, then it could very well raise the roof and create some serious hype for EA.


Many believe that Microsoft needs to swing for the fences at E3 this year in order to keep pace with Sony and their first party exclusives. There are likely to be plenty of big third party announcements on their stage to keep an eye on as well as potential games from Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Fable. Will we see all of those games? Probably not. But If Microsoft does bring the big guns to their show they could leave fans jaw dropped.

With Sony having such a strong first party its likely Microsoft will rope in AAA third party games to bring even more attention to their show to help buff out the announcements. We could see games from Rocksteady, EA and Ubisoft all shown off on for Xbox to help nail home the message that Xbox is the best place to play third party titles.


Bethesda is a hard one to judge. We know that we are seeing more of Fallout 76 however based on rumours the base building/survival aspects may underwhelm fans. We are also likely to see more of Rage 2 but unless they have held a core element back that will just be an update.

Where things get interesting is with what they could announce. Their ‘Starfield’ project could finally be shown off this year which, if done right, could be a massive hit for them going forward. There is also rumours of a Doom 2 although this has a better chance of coming next year as Rage 2 is probably filling that spot.

The final possibility and arguably the biggest announcement they could make would be for the next Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim is undeniably a smash hit so a follow up would cause big waves in the industry.

Square Enix

Square Enix’s show could go one of two ways. Massive hit or whimpering flop. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be at their show but this rebooted series hasn’t reached the the heights it should of based off the quality of the games. I cant see this latest entry changing fans perceptions but rather consolidating previous entries.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake would be a massive game to show but due to developments issues this really isn’t likely to make an appearance.

We know The Avengers Project game is in development but we don’t know how far along it is. If it is closer to completion than believed then this could really elevate Square Enix’s show and grab some major headlines for the publisher.

Much of Square’s show will hinge on Kingdom Hearts III however. One of the most anticipated games at the whole show, Kingdom Hearts fans are desperate for more information and even more so for a solid release date. If Square Enix comes out with a massive gameplay blow out and solid 2018 release date then fans will erupt. If it has a more vague showing with minor updates the mood is likely to be flat.


Ubisoft in recent years has brought the fun to E3 with great announcements and a real connection with fans. This year we know we will see more of the Division 2 which has gained a big following since the first instalment was released. Assassins Creed Odyssey will also be shown off and could very well build on the massive success of Origins.

Last year saw the debut trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2 which blew people away. I think Ubisoft would be wise to show more of this even if it’s just a new trailer to help keep the excitement levels up.

Splinter Cell is a long rumoured game that fans have wanted to return for years. Announcing a new instalment, especially with a 2018, release date, would get the whole room buzzing and help leave fans with a real excitement.


Sony has seemingly spoiled their own conference by announcing that Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and The Last Of Us Part II will all be shown at their presentation. I’m sure the trailers and footage that are shown off will absolutely wow fans but knowing its coming will take away from the excitement just a little. That’s why I think Sony will also bring some big surprises to their show too.

They have done an excellent job about building hype in recent years and some big AAA announcements would continue that tradition despite us knowing 4 of the big titles they will be showing.

Potential games that could see a reveal are Devil May Cry 5, Bloodborne 2, a new Crash Bandicoot, Cyberpunk 2077 and a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

Will we get all of these? I doubt it. But if Sony does compliment their announced first party games with some of these titles they could once again leave a huge mark on E3.


What a year Nintendo has had with the Switch. Last year saw the first showcase based around the system after its strong launch and I expect Nintendo to try and build that momentum once again this year.

We know we are getting our first look at Super Smash Bros after its launch trailer in March. Character reveals and gameplay are surely going to get fans excited and a hopeful September release date would only add to that.

We recently got the Pok√©mon Let’s Go reveal so I’m not expecting more on those games but if they did decide to show more then it would only elevate their show.

Metroid Prime 4 is another game fans are hoping to see more of after its announcement last year but it could be a little early for that.

Third part support is where Nintendo could really shine this year. Last year developers still weren’t fully onboard with the Switch but with massive sales numbers that is likely to change so expect some solid announcements to come from other publishers.

Based on what we already know as well as those pre E3 rumours this could very well be the best showing in years. Every publisher has the potential to completely wow fans and make a real statement with their titles.

If I had to choose one that might have the edge going into E3 however I think I would give it to EA.

It seems they are on the back foot and for a company that big they wont like that. If Anthem delivers and a new Star Wars game is shown then they will be the publisher on everyone minds going forward.

Thankfully we wont have to wait long to find out. Check back all of next week for presentation recaps and reviews as well as coverage of all the biggest announcements.

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