Sony Countdown to E3 Day 1: Tetris Effect

Today Sony kicked off its Countdown to E3 schedule will the debut trailer for Tetris Effect. Coming to PS4 and PSVR later this year, Tetris Effect is a modern, slightly trippy take on the classic puzzle game with inspiration taken from the phenomenon its named after.

A blog post on the PlayStation website reads:

Tetris Effect is designed to maximize the magical, scientifically-proven aspect of Tetris that it’s named after.

That’s right, the Harvard study mentioned in the trailer voiceover is 100% real! Basically, researchers discovered that people who play Tetris a lot can start seeing images from the game in real life.

Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself after playing previous Tetris games (I know I have): you see a bunch of bricks or crates stacked and unconsciously start imagining how to move them to fit together and “clear” them. Or while you stare at the ceiling about to fall asleep, you “see” those iconic Tetris shapes falling in your mind’s eye. That’s what researchers call the Tetris Effect.

The idea behind Tetris Effect the game is to amplify and enhance that same magical feeling where you just can’t get it out of your head, and not just the falling shapes, but all the visuals, the sounds, the music – everything!

How? By having each of more than 30 stages immerse you in a different fantastical world that reacts and evolves based on how you play: background elements, audio, special effects – everything, down to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulse, dance, shimmer, make music, explode, etc. in perfect sync with how you’re playing.

Hopefully our trailer gives a glimpse of what this looks and sounds like, but to really feel what it’s like it you just have to try it yourself. Speaking of the trailer…

So what do you think of Tetris Effect? Let me know in the comments.

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