E3 2018 – 5 games I hope to see

E3 kicks off this weekend and so I thought I would list off the 5 games I am hoping to see the most.

These games have not been confirmed to be shown at E3 this year however some have been rumoured.

The Avengers Project

At the start of last year a CGI trailer dropped online showing that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos MontrĂ©al are developing an Avengers game codenamed ‘The Avengers Project’. Since then we haven’t seen anything from this game but with Square Enix having their own show at E3 this year I’m hoping that this game will be showcased.

With the initial reveal just being a tone piece CGI trailer its hard to say how far along this game is but hopefully its at a stage where we not only get a killer trailer but also some gameplay so we can see what type of game this will be.

Metroid Prime 4

Last year at E3 Nintendo dropped a bombshell on fans when they announced that Metroid Prime 4 was in development. As the initial reveal was just a logo its likely that this game wont be far enough along to see gameplay but at the bare minimum it would be great to see another trailer that shows off the look this game will have.

With the reaction fans had to the first trailer last year they would be foolish not to at least include something to keep the hype going and a release window of 2019 would be a strong way to end the trailer.

Halo 6

Microsoft has been criticised for they lack of first party AAA games in recent years and its a general consensus that Halo 6 is definitely in development. If it comes out this year or not remains to be seen but Microsoft would be wise to give fans at least a trailer to confirm that this game is coming.

The first trailer for Halo 5 showed a CGI Master Chief in the desert and with him being the most iconic Xbox character, expect to see him front and centre in any trailer that Microsoft may give us.

New Crash Bandicoot

Last year Crash Bandicoot made his triumphant return to consoles when the N. Sane Trilogy released on PlayStation 4. It was a smash hit and this month sees it release on multiple other platforms including Xbox and Switch.

With such a strong return it seems only natural that Activision would want to capitalise on this success and create a brand new entry for the series. Vicarious Visions did such a fantastic job with the remake I would love to see their very own Crash game but either way I hope that we get more Crash in some way.

Respawn’s Star Wars Game

We have had official confirmation that Respawn is working on a action-adventure game set in the Star Wars galaxy but other than footage of a mo-cap studio we have seen nothing from this game.

After the problems with Star Wars Battlefront II, EA needs to get fans back on side and a reveal of what Respawn is working on could go a long way to doing that.

Especially if this is a story focused single player game, something fans are begging for. The mo-cap footage seems to show people fighting with lightsabers so with that in mind EA could bring the house down with an epic trailer for the game.

Long shot of a dream would be that its set to release in the next year too.

Those are the 5 games I hope we see at this years E3 but what do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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