My 5 most anticipated games of E3.

E3 2018 is less than a week away and so with that in mind I thought I would share the 5 games I am most looking forward to seeing more of.

Now bare in mind these games were chosen from the confirmed games set to be shown and are not based off of any rumours or speculation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The iconic web slinger will once again return to video games this year when Marvel’s Spider-Man releases in September. This game has been showcased several times since its announcement in 2016 and yet there still remains many questions about the story and various gameplay mechanics that have been hinted at.

With the game confirmed to be at Sony’s E3 show expect a good amount of gameplay shown off and potentially a few surprises too.

Super Smash Bros

Nintendo finally confirmed that Super Smash Bros was coming to the Nintendo Switch in March when they showed the first trailer at the end of their Direct.

The trailer saw two Inkling’s battling it out before stopping in their tracks at the sight of a flaming Super Smash Bros logo with silhouette of characters below it.

Since the debut of the trailer fans have speculated and theorised over what this game could end up being. Nintendo has since confirmed that Super Smash Bros for the Switch will take centre stage at their E3 showcase this year so expect a huge blow out of gameplay, information and character reveals.

Ghost of Tsushima

We first saw Ghost of Tsushima at Paris Games Week 2017 with a gorgeous trailer depicting samurais in feudal Japan. The trailer quickly gained a lot of attention and Sony recently announced that Ghost of Tsushima will be one of four games taking centre stage at their E3 show next week. With Spider-Man set to release in a couple months expect to see much more of Ghost of Tsushima with a potential gameplay demo and release window.

Personally the samurai setting opens this game up for a fantastic open world experience with samurai sword fights being a great combat mechanic if done correctly.


E3 last year saw EA come out swinging with the reveal of Anthem. The latest game from Bioware stole the show for many and last week EA confirmed that we are going to find out a lot more about the game at their show next week.

With flying mech suits, stunning locations, fun combat and multiplayer team ups, Anthem could very well become the next big online game if executed as fans hope.

With the disappointments of Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront II, EA and Bioware definitely has some making up to do and I hope that Anthem is the game to do it.

The Last Of Us Part II

When Naughty Dog released the Last Of Us in 2013 many fans called it the game of the generation. Fast forward to PSX 2016 and we got the first look at its sequel with a somber tone piece. At Paris Games Week 2017 we got our second look at the game with a brutal trailer that shocked a lot of the gaming community.

With Sony announcing already that The Last Of Us Part II will have a strong presence at this years E3 showing I am fascinated to see what they give us next .

Personally I expecting a gameplay demo this year and not just a trailer. Many assume the game will be released in 2019 and so showing just how good this game looks in motion would make sense on the biggest gaming show of the year.

Let me know the games you are most looking forward to seeing at E3 in the comments below.

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