Battlefield V Officially Revealed

Today EA officially revealed Battlefield 5 with a gameplay trailer and first details on modes and features.

World War II

Battlefield once again returns to WWII in V with all the weapons and vehicles you’d expect.

War Stories

Within the WWII setting there will once again be War Stories to allow you to play out certain events across locations from WWII. Don’t expect the same locations you’ve seen in other games though as the developers stated they want players to have new experiences and play the lesser know battles from WWII


This years Battlefield will allow you to build, not only destroy, the world around you. Think similar to Fortnite. Fortifications will allow you to dynamically build fox holes, trenches and tanks traps as well as a wide range of other structures.

Grand Operations

This seems to be Battlefields unique take on the Battle Royale formula as it seems large groups of players take on a difference team across a series of maps and modes where staying alive will count towards victory not just amount of kills. They even stated that if one team dominates the first modes the final mode, Last Stand, may not even have to be played.

No More Premium Pass

All maps and modes this year, released post launch, will be completely free to all users. The developers expressed that they didn’t want to splinter their community which will surely be great news for fans of the series. They also said their would be no play to win but didn’t state if cosmetics will have micro transactions or not.

That’s a summary of some of the biggest announcements from their reveal. Head to the Battlefield V official website for more information and scroll down for the reveal trailer as well as the reveal show.

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