E3 Predictions 2018: Nintendo

Nintendo will look to continue their momentum of the Nintendo Switch at E3 this year when they show their presentation on June 12th at 9am PT/ 5pm BST.

What will Nintendo show? Here are my 5 predictions.

Pokémon back to Kanto

With Nintendo looking to bring more people into the Switch ecosystem then I can see them trying to maximise nostalgia and Pokémon GO’s success of the gen 1 Pokémon in the latest game to bring fans in. If recent leaks are to believed this could very well be true and we might even see this before E3 but if not then we are sure to see details of the new Pokémon at E3.


Fortnite has erupted this year and huge amounts of players are taking on the Battle Royal mode across many platforms, except Switch. Expect this to change at E3 when it is finally revealed that Fortnite is coming to the Switch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo exclusives features/content is also included which is why the game may not have already been released.

Grand Theft Auto 5

In November of 2017 Rockstar released LA Noire for the Nintendo Switch and although it was a great game, many believed this was their way of getting used to developing for the system. GTA 5 is now the most profitable entertainment product of all time so it makes sense that they would look to maximise their sales further by releasing it on the Switch. It is still regularly in the top sold games every month so it would be sure to sell and Nintendo would love to have the IP on their console for sure.


F-Zero is a beloved Nintendo series that I’m sure has been looked by Nintendo now the Switch has been such a success. They have consistently tried to have a big release every month be it first or third party and so to continue this I can see a series like F-Zero making a return to help continue this trend as well as satisfy fans.

Crash and Spyro in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. is going to be a major focus for Nintendo this year and I think the inclusion of these two very topical characters would be fantastic. The Smash series is famous for having third party characters in their games and with Crash Bandicoot’s hugely successful return and the Spyro ReIgnited Trilogy set to release in September fans would loose their minds to see these characters in the game.

How do you think Nintendo will try and steal the show this E3. Let me know your predictions in the comments.

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