E3 Predictions 2018: Bethesda Showcase

Bethesda will have their E3 Showcase on Sunday 10th at 6.30pm PT (Monday 11th at 2.30am BST) where they are set to show off their latest titles.

Here are 5 predictions as to what they might show.

Rage 2

My initial prediction was that Rage 2 would be announced at E3 especially due to the Walmart leaks but Bethesda got ahead of the rumours and officially revealed the game this week. As they have stated this years show might be their longest yet I’d still expect to see more of Rage 2 in some capacity to reiterate its announcement.

Doom 2

With the success that Bethesda had with 2016 Doom then it only makes sense that they would be looking to follow it up with a sequel. If Rage 2 does turn out to be real then that could mean that Doom has to wait for a follow up but if its not shown this year then its only a matter of time until it is.

Wolfenstein II DLC

Wolfenstein II was the sleeper hit of last October when it released the same day as Assassins Creed Origins and Super Mario Odyssey but has continued to reach more and more people and finally got the attention it deserves. It would be a great move for Bethesda to release some DLC for the game and help grow its appeal even more.


Bethesda claims to be working on two games which are “bigger than anything we’ve done before” and many expect it to be a new IP. Nothing else is know so far but Bethesda could hit the gaming world hard and not only debut the game but announce a 2018 release date too in traditional Bethesda style.

Elder Scrolls 6 tease

Skyrim took the world by storm and is still being released on new platforms despite being 7 years old. It’s inevitable that the next game in the series is in the pipeline but I expect Bethesda to tease this one and really build up to it rather than do a 6 month promotional campaign.

What do you think Bethesda will show on June 10th? Let me know your predictions in the comments.

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