Call of Duty Black Ops 4

We have finally got more information about what to expect in this years Call of Duty, Black Ops 4.

During the live event they outlined details for their multiplayer and Zombies as well as confirming that this game does not have a traditional campaign. They did however reveal one, not so secret, surprise


This years multiplayer for Black Ops 4 was the main showing at their presentation and we learned a fair bit about how they are improving this years instalment.

Boots on the Ground

As expected this years game will continue to focus players on the ground where the action is at its best. This means no wall running and no thrust jumps.

Weapons Overhaul

Weapons were a key focus for the Treyarch team and they worked to make each weapon feel unique and like its own character. New animations, improved recoil mechanics and custom attachments for every weapon were all detailed.

Manual Health

This year sees a change to one of the core aspects of multiplayer and that’s health. Players health will no longer automatically regenerate but instead be initiated manually by players. This looks to add a new level of strategy as it also seems that players will have a visible health bar in game.


Specialists return with improved abilities to help boost your team and effect the game. Recon, medic and area of effect specialists were all showcased.


Zombies this year looks to be the substitute for a single player campaign with a new and custom story integrated into the mode. At launch there will be 3 maps set across different time periods which will see the featured characters tackle the undead.


In the first trailer we see the group of protagonists take on the zombies in a Ancient Greek inspired coliseum with a range of melee weapons.

Voyage of Despair

The second trailer sees the Zombies unleashed on the famous Titanic for the heroes to take on. Period inspired weapons look to be available.

Blood of the Dead

A third map was also teased but gave little detail as to its location or time period.


Treyarch also revealed that there will be many customisation options that can be set and then shared via a shareable code to allow for people to compete with the same pre set settings and options.

Blizzard Battle Net

PC players will be pleased to hear that this years game has been developed in collaboration with Beenox to build a custom built version for the Battle Net platform that will be fully integrated and enhanced for the platform and a wide range of PC options.


Arguably the biggest announcement, although it was expected through leaks, was the reveal that Black Ops 4 will indeed have a battle Royale mode called Blackout. Few details were shared about the mode but we did get a few tidbits.

Big, Big, Bigger

The Blackout map is apparently 1500 time bigger than Nuketown and will incorporate features from some of the most popular Black Ops maps.

Land, Air and Sea

Vehicles will be available across the map to allow players to travel and attack in a variety of ways from the ground, in the air and by sea.

Characters and Weapons

The mode will integrate famous characters and weapons from across the series as a celebration of the Black Ops legacy in one mode.

As an initial reveal Treyarch did a great job of showcasing how this years game can really help establish a new era for the series and give the fans a fresh take on the series.

Check out the all the information and trailers on the Black Ops 4 website and keep your eyes open here and on Twitter for the latest Black Ops 4 information as we get it.

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