RUMOUR: Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch detailed

Image from GamesRadar

Ever since Nintendo announced that Pokémon was coming to the Nintendo Switch fans have speculated over what the game might end up looking like. Thanks to a post by user Lazzyman on the gamefaqs forum we might have our first clues as to that very question.

In the post Lazzyman makes a variety of predictions about Nintendo’s E3 presentation including the flowing regarding Pokémon on the Switch.

-Pokémon for Switch is revealed. It’s a new take on Red and Blue and features graphics that are midway between Sun/Moon and Pokken.

The reason that this, as well as the other information, is being discussed more than other leaks is that Lazzyman also predicted the date that Nintendo would announce information regarding their Switch Online service along with its features.

If we are to believe Lazzyman’s Pokémon predictions about it being a new take on Red and Blue, then this would contradict many fans beliefs that Pokémon for the Switch would be a new generation for the series.

Despite fans beliefs though this revisit of Kanto and the original games may actually be the best move for the franchise, Game Freak and Nintendo as a whole.

Since its release in July 2016, Pokémon Go has once again catapulted the icon creatures back into the consciousness of the mainstream.

Everyone from children to teenagers to adults were captivated by the AR game, even if it’s immediate appeal dipped due to a lack of content.

The reason that the game was so successful was arguably due to its focus on the generation 1 Pokémon that established the franchise over two decades ago.

Despite the main line RPG games continuing to be commercial successes and attract new fans, they have not managed to retain a more mature fan base. Many lapsed fans of the series would struggle to name Pokémon from the newer generations and the recent game mechanics, such as Mega Evolutions and Z moves, would feel alien and potentially complicated to returning fans.

Nintendo is targeting to sell 20 million Switch’s this financial year, 2 million more than they managed in its first year which included Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. To achieve this they are going to be relying heavily on what Game Freak releases and a reimagining of Red and Blue with a new 3D art style and updated game mechanics would be the perfect jumping on point for all those older fans looking to recapture the nostalgia of 20 years ago.

With a strong foundation on the Switch, Game Freak could then look to expand the series with generation 8 at a later date without it being as intimidating to fans that haven’t played the more recent games.

Questions may still remain over the validity of these reports but thankfully E3 is only a month away so we shouldn’t have to wait long to see what Nintendo and the Pokémon company has in store for us.

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