Nachos at the cinema. Just Why??

Warning! Mini rant incoming.

So when we go to the cinema many of us like to enjoy a confectionary snack while we are there. Popcorn and pick ‘n mix are classic go to options that have become synonymous with the cinema experience.

In recent times however, cinema chains have expanded their options to include more variety. I have a serious issue with one of those options in particular, nachos.

Now don’t get me wrong I love nachos! I will happily order them when I am out at a restaurant and even make them at home. My issue with them being served in a cinema however is that they have a very strong and distinct smell. Even if it’s a smell I normally enjoy the intensity of their smell is overwhelming especially when in a contained room. They are actually off putting and so I cant even imagine how bad it can be for someone who dislikes them. Similarly but not quite as bad are hotdogs. What’s wrong with offering the traditional options and leaving restaurants and fast food establishments to cater for the hot food before people go to see their film showing.

If the stench of nachos wasn’t bad enough I have witnessed something in several of my last cinema visits that has genuinely made me stop and think ‘what the hell are they doing?!’

Last week I went to watch Avengers Infinity War with some friends. We had sat through the adverts and trailers and the film was about 30 minutes into its 2 and a half hour run time. As expected I was engrossed in the film and the story it was telling when in front of me appeared one of the staff members of the cinema, tray of nachos in hand, delivering them to someone watching the film.

Taking out the fact the smell instantly hit me I was completely distracted from the film while they found the person they were looking for. If this had happened before the film started then this could have been classed as great service but during the film was just inappropriate. This wouldn’t happen with popcorn either as that would have just been served up to the customer at the desk. It’s the fact they probably had to prepare/cook the nachos that caused the delay in service, though I’m not sure why there was such a delay.

If it was an isolated incident it could be forgiven but this has now happened 3 times in the last couple of months.

With all this in mind I can only think I’m justified in wishing that nachos/hotdogs and any other hot, smelly food was erased from the cinema menu and they just stuck to good old classic popcorn and sweets.

Have you had any food related issued at cinemas? Let me know in the comments.

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