Bethesda – E3 Conference Review 2017

Stepping up to the E3 stage Bethesda delivered a number of announcements outlining games they have coming out for the rest of 2017 in a conference that lasted just short of 40 minutes.

Below I will be going through a few of Bethesda’s announcements as well as my review for their conference as a whole with a score out of 10.

Bethesda VR

To kick off the games at their show Bethesda revealed trailers for both Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR. As well as the trailers the outlined how committed they were to developing full VR experiences to a really high quality. Both of these games graphically looked great and appeared to incorportate VR motion controlls brilliantly into the worlds players already know.

Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR will be releasing in 2017

Skyrim Switch

Bethesda then showed of the brand new trailer for Skyrim on the Switch. The trailer not only revealed how the game will look on the system but also that Breath of the Wild Amiibo will be supported to allow you to play as a version of the iconic hero from The Legend of Zelda, Link.

Motion controlls were also revealed to allow players to control certain aspects of the game with individual Joy Cons motion capabilities.

Skyrim Switch will be released in 2017

The Evil Within 2

The debut trailer for The Evil Within 2 gave players a look at the next instalment in this series with great atmospheric horror cinematic trailer. The story this trailer sets up really looks intreaging as well as having a great art style that will likely make this game very immersive and tense to play.

The Evil Within 2 will release October 13 2017

Wolfenstien 2 The New Collossus

Rounding off Bethesda’s show was their biggest announcement of Wolfenstien 2 The New Collosses. This revealed showed off both cinematic story elements as well as gameplay and both look incredible. The character designs and environments look amazing and the gun play looks solid. It’s the world that Bethesda have created though that looks most impressive and I’m genuinely looking forward to getting my hands on it and explore more of what they have created.

Wolfenstien 2 The New Collossus will release on October 27 2017

The Conference

Bethesda delivered on a great conference that fans of their products will love and those not so aware of what they do, will turn their attention to. With announcements for console, PC and mobile they delivered on content for everyone and outlined the great games they have coming this year. With good pacing throughout Bethesda managed to keep my attention even if what they were showing wasn’t as relevant to me.

For Bethesda’s E3 2017 conference I give them a


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