Marvel Video Games – Daredevil 

With the announcement of Marvels partnership with Insomniac games to create a PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man it signifies the start of the new era of “epic” games Marvel’s VP of games Jay Ong has spoken about.

With Marvel now looking to work with top quality studios to produce true AAA gaming experiences one of the key factors will be choosing the right characters to base these games on.

Insomniacs first trailer for Spider-Man PS4 (working title) seems to indicate that Marvel have made a truely excellent choice and we may very well end up getting a Spider-Man game to shout about.

With Marvel always looking to push the boundaries and expand their properties its only logical to assume they have had conversations, if not already made deals, with studios to produce more big titles in the coming years. The Question is, what will they be?

Rumours of a Spider-Man game had been circulating for a while before its announcement however most of the rumours tended to suggest it would be Sucker Punch not Insomniac developing it. Because of this we may not actually know what plans Marvel and any possible studios have until they want to tell us. This doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate on what could work well for Marvel going forward.

The list of Marvel charaters that would translate into great games is extensive but for them to really make an impact on the gaming industry in the same way Warner Bros. have with the Batman Arkham series they will have to create interesting gaming experiences that aren’t just upgraded versions of typical movie tie ins.

After watching the Netflix Daredevil series the idea to have Daredevil star in a video game really started to appeal to me. His agility and fighting style would translate perfectly to a game especially if it had a more mature rating to really help depict the brutality of those fights. 

Daredevil season two however wasn’t just Daredevils series. Throughout the season two other Marvel characters both shone through and in some cases overshadowed Daredevil himself. The Punisher and Electra. It was the relationship that developed between these two characters and Daredevil that made me immediately think of of one property when thinking about gaming and that was GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto 5 saw the player take control of not one but three distinctive characters throughout the game. These characters had intertwined stories that saw them come together as well as work alone to progress their own personal agendas. Daredevil season 2 used this concept to great effect to make you care about all three heroes and help Punisher and Electra stand on their own and not feel too much like supporting cast.

The gameplay mechanics and character dynamic seen in GTA V could translate excellently to a superhero game where all the characters could take on missions of their own but also come together at key parts of the story. In GTA 5 the main character story arc was arguably the one of Michael while Trevor’s and Franklin’s story provided depth and diversity to the overall experience. This concept would work well to help flesh out the over all story and help provide weight to Daredevils plot to make this a truely unique superhero game.

As in GTA V each of the main character could also come with unique gameplay mechanics to provide diversity to the gameplay as well as tactical benefits to missions where multiple heroes are playable. Daredevil could have a version of Batmans Dectective vision which would be a natural fit with his enhanced senses due to his lack of sight. Electra could have enhanced stealth abilities and the Punisher could have a bullet time mode to account for his superior gun skills.

These three abilities would make each character feel different to play with and encourage players to experiment with all three of them to find what works best in certain situations as well as making their individual missions enjoyable to play.

The principles behind the gameplay in GTA V could be applied to a number of different Marvel characters but I feel that with the popularity of the Daredevil Netflix series and the tone it set compared to the films in the MCU it would lend its self perfectly to an open world game with a more mature feel. One thing is for sure though and that is that with Marvel now focusing on quality gaming experiences rather than ‘cash grab’ tie ins we will hopefully see the Marvel characters headlining more and more games in the coming years.

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