Power Rangers Movie: why I’m optimistic 

Every child has that one TV show that defines their childhood. For me it was Power Rangers.

Being born in 1991 I was the perfect age to have Power Rangers impact me and seem like the coolest thing in the world. Yes there were other shows that I loved watching. Superhero animated series such as Spider-Man, X Men and Batman were all huge favourites of mine and have arguably influenced my tastes in film and TV more as an adult but they weren’t Power Rangers.

Power Rangers managed to hit the perfect balance of action, superpowers, monsters, aliens, giant awesome dinosaur robots that join together to make a butt kicking bigger robot and so much more that captures the imagination of a young boy. This combined with a vast array of toys that translated great from the screen to using in the living room was the perfect storm that got me hooked.

Now 23 years, 23 seasons, 100’s of episodes and 2 films later Power Rangers is set to be brought up to the 21st century and, if things go to plan, developed into one of the blockbuster franchises that can dominate the box office. That is where people are seeing the possible pit falls.

Power Rangers from the 90’s Mighty Morphin to 2015’s Dino Charge is cheesy as hell!! A lot of the acting is camp and flat and the production value is no where near elitist. But it does what it needs to do. It’s still appealing to that age group that I was when I got hooked and they are hitting that market as well as they ever have.

Now with the new movie set to release in March 2017 they have an interesting obstacle to overcome. They have a franchise that has infiltrated pop culture to a point where if you say Power rangers to some one they most probably know what you are talking about in some capacity however they will also have preset ideas that it’s cheesy, corny and childish.

Marketing this film then has to be on point to allow it to become the box office success I believe it has the potential to be for years to come. Yes I think that Power Rangers could dominate the box office and here is my reasoning why.

When looking at the aspects of Power Rangers that got me hooked as a child you realise that they are all used in current blockbusters. Marvel and DC have turned the superheroes into the dominate force at the box office. Aliens and Sci-Fi have become more and more common with the advance in special effects. Jurassic World revitalised the epic dinosaur movies last year with huge numbers. As for giant robots kicking butt…… Transformers has dominated this scene for the last 9 years with huge box office numbers.

This is why I feel Power Rangers has every chance to succeed.

If they manage to make a solid film with a modern story that doesn’t rely on the cheesy campness of the TV show they could really create something that the current general movie audience will love. Casting so far has shown that they are going after both unknowns as well as proven actors that will hopefully give a good mix new and fresh along with solid performances to set this franchise on the right tracks.

Where this film could possibly fall down is with the tone. I’m hoping for a lighthearted yet realistic tone like what was set in the original Transformers. They can’t set this too childish. If they do it will completely ruin the appeal of the film for the fans that have grown up with the TV shows and also alienate the casual movie fan. So far the only official images they have release that give an indication to the tone is the costumes. They were not what I hoped when I first saw them. They looked too far removed from the originals and seemed like they were CGI rather than actual suits. After looking at them more I realised that there were infact lots of subtle hints that called back to originals and I also came to accept that they had to be different for this movie to bring in the new audiences needed to make it a success. After leaked set pictures it also became apparent that the suits are infact real outfits that will have CGI elements rather than full CGI costumes like in Green Lantern.
The first trailer for this film will be essential in showing everyone that this is the same Power Rangers they know at heart but with a new make over that will once again make it the pop culture hit it was 23 years ago.

If they manage to put all the pieces in place and make a FUN easy going film they could be onto something great. With the vast wealth of story and characters they have to draw upon they have to opportunity to evolve the series in ways that would keep the story relatable and fresh and in their own way make a Power Rangers cinematic universe that after time could contain multiple teams and use them as soft reboots without having to use direct sequels or loose what has come before.

The future of this film may yet be uncertain but so far they seem to be heading in the right direction. Hopefully the marketing campaign that is sure to kick off in the coming months can boost it down the road rather than lay down speed bumps. I’ll be sure to give my opions on the journey as it continues and thoughts on the movie once it’s out but until then… Morphers at the ready.

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